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Oct. 2010

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We are sending you additional information on Ayurveda. Enclosed you will find information on the doshas or body constitutions, the different tastes, daily routines, and seasonal life cycle. Enjoy!!

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Introduction to Ayurveda

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If you have still not registered or enrolled into our Fall programs there are still some limited seats available. Do not miss this opportunity to help pioneer change in health care and also help others with their health according to natural principles. We are very excited to welcome our new students in Seattle, WA, Foster City, CA, Los Angeles, CA and our new Distance Learners!!!

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AWC. Fall 2010 Catalogue.

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Preview our Classes
Take another look at our classes. Here you will preview one of our instructors: Mamta Landerman. She is discussing Predominantly Vata Personalities and their characteristics. Enjoy the Video!

Kerala Preview of Classes
AyurvedaGram: Frost & Sullivan Award 2010
We Won!! Frost & Sullivan awarded us the 2010 Best Practices Award for our Holistic Center in India: Ayurvedagram. We are very excited and happy to have received this award. We want to thank all of the Doctors, Staff, and Administration for their wonderful work and passionate dedication to our Healing Center. Good Work Guys!! :)

Ayurvedagram Press Release
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