Hi Beloved Pulse Fitness Members,

As promised, here we are again filling up your email inbox.

First, how exciting is it to see you guys back in the gym and on the lawn today!  Wow, what crazy, positive energy!  And everyone is doing their part to maintain physical space from one another, thoroughly clean all that they touch with our NEW DISINFECTING WIPES, and comply with our signs throughout the gym.  Our members are the best!  AND, Deanna’s physical distancing Spin class was a hit!

We want to briefly give you an update on some things that are coming in the very near future because we’re too excited to keep it to ourselves!

·          We will have a large 40’ by 20’ shade canopy set up on our lawn next week . While we will have some classes on the lawn, please know that EVERYONE is welcome to take equipment (within reason ;) out on the lawn and get in a great workout in the wide open outdoors. We ask that you bring your equipment back in, clean off any dirt and grass, disinfect each piece and return the equipment to where it belongs. 
·          We purchased a Peloton Bike for our members! It will be here by next week. If you would like an interactive, high energy spin experience but wish to go solo, Peloton is an amazing option! If we find that demand is high for the bike we may buy another one.
·          Speaking of equipment, we purchased four new treadmills and we are working on a plan to make as much of our cardio equipment available to you while maintaining physical distancing.
·          We are redeveloping our website to include super cool MEMBER ONLY pages with great content that is included in your membership dues. We are just putting the finishing touches on this awesome new Member benefit.
o   We will post weekly nutrition videos from our very own Registered Dietitian, Laura Oberg. She will start with “Food and Facts: Your Immune System” followed by “Food and Facts: Metabolism and Body Weight” and she has so many amazing topics to follow.
o   We are creating some cool “on demand” group fitness videos and will also have some classes live streamed!
o   Our Incredible Personal Trainers will have pages with all kinds of cool content and will be able to offer you virtual personal training

The Personal Trainers also have some other great options for personal training outside of the gym. Shoot us an email at info@pulsefitnessnv.com and we can get you more information.

We have other cool things in the works so stay tuned.

In Health and Wellness,
Pulse Fitness
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