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We raised over $2200 for ALS research at our 3rd Annual Performance Games!
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You can have fun with fitness too! Our gym is open to everyone... adult, youth, experienced, beginner, sports teams, coaches... we are here to support YOU. The PEAC Performance trainers are passionate about health, exercise, and spirit - we would be thrilled to welcome you into our fitness family!

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We take pride in our young athletes and their accomplishments, showcasing not only their sports performance, but also their all-around hard work & positivity. Our Athlete of the Month is a true example of athleticism, teamwork, success, confidence, and personality. Keep up the amazing work, athletes!
Varun Venkataraman
Fitness Enthusiast
Over the last 2 years this young man has transformed his overall athleticism like we've never seen before. Varun started his training virtually - in the middle of the pandemic - in his backyard and basement for multiple months. He never once got bored, complained, or gave anything less than 100% effort.
Varun brings a smile, positivity, hard work, and tons of energy to his workouts each and every time. He is one of the smartest, positive, committed, kind, welcoming person you will ever meet. Whether it is being ranked in the top 20 in the country for Quizbowl, getting straight A’s, acing his SAT’s, building things on his own, giving advice on great books/movies, or just simply being a wonderful young man to interact with, Varun is flat out something special. We feel so lucky to have a person like him be part of the PEAC Performance Family. Keep up the great work Varun!!

Meet our Staff!
Azad Aghababian
B.S. Biology,
Certified Personal Trainer,
Certified Mental Performance Coach

Azad has been in the fitness and sports arena since picking up the sport of soccer at a very young age.
Throughout his high school career, Azad played center midfield for both Match Fit Academy and Hopewell Valley Central High School, while additionally representing the east coast in domestic and global competitions with NextGenUSA. After ending his soccer career during his junior year of college, he shifted his focus solely on inspiring and empowering both athletes and non-athletes to optimize their mind and body with PEAC Performance. This spring, Azad receives his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Rider University. He is also an ACE certified personal trainer, certified mental performance coach, and currently pursuing a certification as a strength and conditioning specialist.

Azad is truly passionate and motivated to help his clients understand that there are numerous facets of fitness - the physical aspect being only a small fraction of it. He uses his diverse experiences and wide range of interests to offer a holistic approach to his clients’ fitness experience. In addition to training clients, Azad is also actively pursuing his own fitness goals in both the gym and with MMA.

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