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It is such a delight to share some of the brilliant works of MMCC with you and thank you for your support. This time we tell you a bit about:
  1. How we beat the Coronavirus in Afghanistan
  2. The Best Winter Ever
  3. UC's amazing activities
  4. Oxygen Afghanistan 
  5. Online Academy of Activism for You & Your Children
1. How we beat the Coronavirus in Afghanistan 
We are mass producing and distributing innovative and effective masks and face  shields, as well as setting up public hand-sanitizing stations, made from  recycled plastic bottles. The equipment we produce are being donated to hospitals, IDP camps, as well as to people o n the streets, in the hope that everyone is able to protect themselves. 
The hand sanitizing stations are installed in the IDP camps where people are most vulnerable, as well as various locations close to bakeries and pharmacies. You can read more about this, see the photos and watch the video and join our efforts by sharing this link: 
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All the children are at home and all the public performances stopped and our new Corona Education activities are started. Since the beginning of the pandemic we made multiple workshops to first modify our centers and educate our staff and the youth and then to create Coronavirus Education Activities.

 2. The "Best Winter Ever" 
Our winter program was a great time of joy and education for over 1100 children. This brought educational, artistic and cultural activities to many underprivileged kids with a unique experience of belonging and a taste of joyful childhood. All the parents and community leaders were invited for the final ceremonies and performances. A remarkable time of focusing on the fun and joy and the soft cultural and social values which undermined by 40 years of war.
Here you can see over 150 photos of the "Best Winter Ever":
3. UC's Amazing Activities
The Urban Challenge teams of young activists have developed and implemented tens of amazing mini projects! The teams which are made of 8-20 young members each have been receiving various trainings in our center and tremendously increased their capacities.  All the mini projects in various ways make Afghanistan a better place and bring a strong sense of community and belonging to the youth.
Only imagination can limit the creativity of these mini projects which are ranged from making women gym and marmalade baking workshops for donating to the camps, to Parkour national workshop, and various educational campaigns.

4. Oxygen Afghanistan 
T his is our "Environmental & Climate Action" activity. The youth in this team and all the other participants are the pioneers of environmental activism in Afghanistan. They know the most about the climate and different pollution problems in Afghanistan and are advocating to change people's behavior to reduce pollution, CO2, plastic waste, and to plant trees.  We have just started a new educational project supported by UNDP about environment and have very close connection with the Afghan National Environmental Protection Agency.
This is the Facebook page of the youth: 
A short video clip of one of their campaigns by TOLO TV: 

5. Online Academy of Activism for You and Your Children 
Are you locked-in and don't know what to do with your teenagers, here you have a lifetime opportunity for a unique education.
We are preparing an online course of humanitarian activism. In this course you and your teenagers can get a deeper unique insight into the humanitarian work in the warzone, educational entertainment, social circus pedagogy, amazing passion of life among the children of Afghanistan, and different aspects of life and work in Afghanistan. The students also learn and together develop plans of how to volunteer for MMCC and can join our network team of volunteers.
The course is developed and conducted online as series of interactive video chat with about 10 students in each class by our executive director Berit Muhlhausen, founder David Mason and some incredible inspirational guests such as MMCC's ambassador Sophia Jansen and more Afghan and international young artists, colleagues and volunteers.
These online classes are for free and you can easily register to attend by following this link: 
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