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Dear Neighbors,

Below is an email that I sent to the County Council yesterday on more proposed zoning regulations.  The Council meets tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7, 2017 beginning at 10:30 a.m. in the 1st Floor Hearing Room of the County Administration Building. Here is the Council's Agenda: 11/7/2017 Council Agenda 

"Dear Prince George's County Council,
I am emailing you to ask that you either amend or vote down the proposed County bill, CB-97(/98?)-2017.
It appears that the County Council/District Council is trying to move/salvage many "pet" development projects before the Zoning Rewrite occurs and is voted on by this body.  It's quite strange that a number of zoning bills that seem to be contrary to what the rewrite ordinance will be is being considered and potentially grandfathering several projects under old, arcane development regulations.
There needs to be, if at all possible, a bright line to denote the new zoning regulations.  The County should not be beholden to old regulations that have not served as best practices in zoning, but continue to survive.
I am not, however, unsympathetic to developers who have approved Detailed Site Plans or Specific Design Plans but have, through no fault of their own, been delayed in bringing the projects to fruition.  
Therefore, as a recommendation, perhaps only those projects that are valid as of date of January 1, 2017 AND solely are Transit Oriented Development, OR have completed permitting and grading process should be extended until December 31, 2018.  All other projects simply need to press the reset button and start anew under the new Zoning Rewrite regulations once adopted.
Here's a case in point, I recently attended a Greater Accokeek Civic Association meeting where a developer was renewing a housing development across from Manokeek Shopping Center.  The original approved plans for that development was to be a 800+ unit for 55+ senior retirement community.  It used a traffic count based on the fact that a retirement community of drivers will not substantially contribute commuting traffic patterns because of the retirement age of persons living in that community (approximately 186 trips only).  The new plans, which obviously requires a revised DSP, calls for 300+ single-family and possibly town home community.  In my mind, a new Adequate Public Facilities analysis should be done because the demographics have changed.  Presumably, you'll have two-income households with 2 cars commuting to work.  You will probably also have school-aged children adding to the already overcrowded Accokeek Academy, and another community that the Accokeek Volunteer Fire Department must respond and be the first due station.  Changes such as these would be impermissible under the new zoning regulations without re-doing the APF analysis.
There are many dormant projects on the books (affected by CB-97-2017) that should not be resurrected due to changed development circumstances in our County, particularly in light of the strained infrastructure the County is facing.
Additionally, I noticed that CB-123-2017, which involves MXT development, will have "no final action taken."  I assume this bill will be withdrawn, but the Agenda does not state so, and I queried the sponsor, my Councilman, Mr. Franklin, late this evening to determine if that was his intent.  In any event, I do not think any Councilperson can make an educated vote on this proposed bill without the specificity of the "clarifying amendments" being proposed.  If this matter is not withdrawn, please also vote against this bill as well.
The original of this email will be filed in person at Tuesday's Council meeting.  I do plan to attend to speak on this matter, but may be detained at work.
Thank you for your consideration of these comments in your deliberation."
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Please write your Councilperson if you feel inclined to do so, and as always please share with your neighbors.  Have a good week!
Tamara Davis Brown
Candidate for Prince George's County Council, District 9
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