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Langtons International Agency is one of New York's most successful literary management agencies specializing in non-fiction: including memoir, true crime, biography, and b usiness.

E xceptionally well written literary and commercial fiction: including mystery, thrillers, and women's fiction. 
We recently added film and television scripts to our offering. 
Notable releases include Trumbo by Bruce Cook (Grand Central Publishing, September 8, 2015) to coincide with the movie release, starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Lane, and Helen Mirren.
Art in the Blood by Bonnie MacBird, (HarperCollins UK, September 2015) first of a trilogy of Sherlock Holmes adventures. Sold to 17 countries, bestseller in 5.
Dancing on Her Grave
 by Diane Montane and Carolina Sarassa, true crime (Berkley, April 2015) Discovery Channel, and Lifetime Movies (October 22, 2016).

2016 saw 15 books sold to commercial publishers. 7 of these used our editing service

2017 is proving to be another successful year, with a book sold per month to date.
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  August 20, 2017
More Great Summer Reads!
We hope everyone is enjoying the summer and here are some more
interesting books from Langtons International Agency:

Oscar's Ghost by Laura Lee 

Just published- After the death of Oscar Wilde, two of the playwright's closest friends-- both former lovers-- went to battle against each other over who would control the narrative about Wilde's life, and who history would blame for his death. Oscar's Ghost deals with the fight over the novel-length prison letter that Wilde addressed to the playwrights greatest love, Douglas, and whic h fell into the hands of Ross, Wilde's friend and literary executor. 
                                                                  Buy it Here

Marriage Made Me Do It  by Ashley Fontainne
A dark comedy about a housewife's descent into madness as tragic events hit her family in quick succession. Roxanne Davenport is a suburban housewife desperately trying to adhere to the traditions passed down from her mother. After experiencing the death of a family member, infidelity, and sibling rivalry, she snaps and decides the time is right to toss out the old rules and unleash her dark fantasies of revenge on her husband.
                       Pre-Order for Sept. 15 Here
Dancing on her Grave by Diana Montane and Carolina Sarassa

A Las Vegas showgirl whose dreams of a dazzling career end in a nightmare.  Debbie Flores was a college educated Washington Redskins cheerleader when she headed for "Sin City."  The aspiring showgirl would soon be making her star-making solo debut at the legendary Luxor. But after the morning rehearsals of December 12, 2010, no one saw Debbie alive again.
                                      Buy it Here
                                 Now a Lifetime Movie"Death of a Vegas Showgirl"                               shown in September 2016.

Dog-Gone Good Cuisine by Gayle Pruitt and photos by Joe Grisham 
A fun, healthy recipe book for humans and their canine kids. While there are other, successful doggie cookbooks in the marketplace. It includes more than 100 balanced, delicious dog food and human food recipes that are corn, sugar, soy, and gluten free and is sprinkled with gorgeous, full color images of absolutely adorable rescue dogs. The recipes are human, canine, and kid friendly. 
                                Buy it Here
Something to be Brave For by Priscilla Bennett

Katie Callahan Giraud is tired of fearing for her life. Her husband, a high-profile plastic surgeon and a once charming man has become a controlling, abusive tyrant. However, in Boston's high society, avoiding scandal can sometimes seem more important than Katie's own life.
                          Buy it Here                 

Career Catapult by Roopa Unnikrishnan

Using the skills and knowledge gained from her 16-year career guiding Fortune 500 companies toward success, Roopa Unnikrishnan, walks readers through a do-able and innovative five-step program to achieve their goals in business, and find fulfillment and a sense of adventure everyone truly desires from their career.
                                    Buy it Here

Finding Home
 by Nick Westfall

If you haven't seen it yet, watch Finding Home written and directed by our talented client, Nick Westfall.   Shown to two sell-out audiences at the RiverRun Festival this year and awarded Encore! Magazine's best Independent Feature Film, Finding Home is a  heartwarming film about a man who must find a home for a young boy.
                                                                               Buy it Here

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