On June 30, the City completed our fiscal year and entered into our 30 th year of cityhood. To acknowledge the new fiscal year, we created an internal list of accomplishments for the previous 12 months, not only to benchmark our progress but also to celebrate our victories of all sizes.

Due to it being a key anniversary year, and more challenging than others we have faced, we decided to dress it up and make it available to the public. You can view our FY 2019-20 Annual Accomplishments booklet here. We hope that you will be pleased at how the City continues to progress, maintain a balanced budget with healthy reserves, and make on-going improvements to your quality of life.

One accomplishment highlighted is the B Street Station Senior Recreation Area that has been completed and awaits the lifting of park closure mandates. Another is the Town Square Park Amphitheatre project that at last has gone vertical. If you were imagining a modest venue, I encourage you to drive by on Kalmia, where you can get a hint of what this 750 person capacity stage will look like when it is completed late this fall. We have included some pictures below.

As always, stay safe and well.