Hello Friends!

We are thinking a lot about migration and the importance of native plants as we head into the weekend. Our lovely friends at Going Native Gardens will be selling some excellent plants in a presale and in a popup this week. Native plants support a greater diversity of delicious insects, an important food source for migrating birds like warblers. Also, it is always a good idea to swing by the store and pick up some window decals. Window strikes kill a staggering number of migrating birds every year, and preventing window strikes can help you rest easy knowing you are doing your part to save bird lives!

Our two Owl Prowls still have openings and there are spots open in the Winter Birding Class as well! And next month is October, which means we will have a new special! Scroll down to learn more!
We are still offering curbside pickup. If you prefer not to go into the store in person, just give us a call and order on the phone. We will bring it out to your car for you! No contact, safe, and helpful!

Thank you to the folks who have been sharing their bird and native plant photos with us! We'd love to hear about your bird migration sightings too!

Thank you for joining us in this space!

Native Plant Presale
This week we have another native plant presale from our friends at Going Native Gardens! They will also have a popup table placed outside on October 2nd from 10:00am-2:00pm!

  • Order your presale plants Thursday 9/30 --Friday 10/1.
  • Pickup in Wilmington on Saturday 10/2 and in Southport on Wednesday 10/6.

Presale plant species, sizes, and prices are listed below.

Some of these plants are in limited supply, so make sure and call in your order ASAP! 910-343-6001 for Wilmington and 910-457-9453 for Southport.
Pink Muhly Grass
(Muhlenbergia capillaris)
Beautiful pink plumes are eye catching. This plant is effortless to grow and is tolerant of just about any conditions.

Height: 4 feet
Soil: medium to dry
Sun: Full sun or partial shade
Bloom time: Late summer and fall

$10 for approximately 2-quart pots
Green-and-Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum)
Height: 2-4 inches
Sun: Full or filtered sun
Soil: Does not like to be overwatered; can withstand heat, cold, and dryness

$10 for approximately 7-inch pots
Cast Iron Plant
(Aspidistra elatior)
An easy to grow, tough plant that will add some nice greenery to your space.

Height: clumps grow up to 3 feet tall
Soil: Medium to dry
Sun: No direct sunlight. Likes shade
Bloom time: Small flowers may appear in spring. Evergreen.
Not Native to the Americas

$14 for approximately 3-gallon pots
Spotted Bee Balm
(Monarda punctata)
Interesting and beautiful plant attracts lots of pollinators!

Height: 2 feet
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Soil: Medium to dry
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Blooms July-September

$10 for approximately 3-quart pots
Popup Plant Sale

On Saturday 10/2 when you come to the Wilmington store to pick up your presale plants, stop by the table run by Joyce and Mindy from Going Native Gardens! They will have the following plants available:

Stokes Aster, Anise Hyssop, Seashore, Mallow  Columbine, Button Bush, Red Butterfly Weed, Blue Mist Flower, Maryland Golden Aster, Eastern Red Cedar, Black-eyed Susan
Upcoming Classes & Bird Walks
*More details about all of our classes are available on our website!
Winter Birds

During the winter, some birds face very different conditions than they do during the summer. In this class we will discuss birds’ overwinter survival, different strategies birds employ for surviving the winter, their energy requirements, behaviors, and which species we can expect to see locally. We will enjoy three great field trips to local birding spots to see great winter birds, observe their behavior and their adaptations.

Owl Prowl & Evening Birds

Fall is a great time to see owls on the move! These whimsical and majestic birds are usually very quiet and discreet, but with a little practice and luck, we will see them set out to hunt for the evening or hear contact calls! And, although there is never a guarantee that owls will reveal themselves to us, there are other fun birds and bird behaviors to see around dusk. We will get to see birds moving toward roosting sites and grabbing some snacks before they turn in for the night! So, meet us around sundown and be ready for something a little different!
October is House Swap Month!
Starting tomorrow, October 1st, and running through the end of the month (10/31) we are running an excellent special! It is our annual house swap special! Bring in an old house in any condition, even haunted (for spooky season), and trade it for 20% off any new house!! See you soon!