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August 2020
Dear Electronics Colleague -
This summer is one of the "cicada years" here in Chicago. These periodical insects, who are on an every 17 year cycle of mating, have found their way out of the ground and are chirping away. We hear this singing chorus of insect voices every night.The males are the ones making all of the noise in order to attract females. It is one of those summer sounds! 

Wishing all of you the best this summer,
Dan Patten
Soldering a DPAK
NEW Instructional Video
In this new instructional video the BEST instructors teach you how to properly solder and inspect a DPAK package. You can put this in your toolbox to teach students.  This hand soldering skill is outlined in the IPC J-STD-001  certification class, as well as BEST hand soldering classes.
Review this and our many other instructional video clips at our YouTube channel.

Soldering a DPAK 
Soldering a DPAK
American Astronauts Get into Space-and Return Safely
The SPACEX Dragon module was able to carry astronauts to and from space for the first time since shutting down of the Space Shuttle program.  The crew docked at the International Space Station on May 30th with the crew coming home safely on August 2nd. See the landing below:
SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns from Space Station on Demo-1 Mission 
SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns from Space Station on Demo-1 Mission
Rework of System Modules
BEST Inc. can be your provider of system on a package and module rework. Typically these modules contain bluetooth, other wireless communication protocols or functions that are integrated on a micro-sized circuit board. As more and more devices need some type of network protocol, these modules are becoming commonplace. Care must be taken to properly attach these modules to the PCB. BEST has proven experience in reworking these modules. The devices on the board must be thermally shielded so as to not disturb or damage any components, and maintain the original functionality of the module. If you have a project requiring these modules to be placed or to be removed and replaced please contact Laura @ 224-387-3255 or via email at  LRipoli@solder.net.
Customized PCB Land and Trace Repair with BEST Circuit Frames
Circuit frames are tin or gold coated thin pieces of copper which are cut out in patterns for the replacement of pads and traces. These patterns can be used to repair physically damaged pads and traces. The replacement patterns are cut out of the skeletal frame and adhered to the PCB using a 2-part epoxy or attached with a dry film adhesive. BEST engineering can work with your pad or trace design to fit your particular board patterns in order to reduce the time it takes to make the repair. Call Chris @ 224-387-4302 for more information or send her an email along with your GERBER or dxf file at cedwards@solder.net.
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