SSFP Reporters Publish New
Series on the First Amendment
Our friends at the Madison chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists recently asked SSFP students to submit essays about the First Amendment. Click here to read more.
Madison Community Foundation Funds Newest SSFP Publication
Sennett Middle School and SSFP announce a new bilingual newspaper for local young people. This is the seventh SSFP sister publication—and it’s called Sennett Free Press. Click here to read more.
Christy and America's 
Best Summer Books
Just in time for summer, and continuing an SSFP tradition, local middle school writers recently launched two new book review columns. [Read More]
Managing Editor Deidre Green in
The Cap Times
: Writing Can Bridge the Achievement Gap
SSFP Managing Editor Deidre Green sat down with Ogechi Emechebe of The Cap Times. Click here to read the full interview.
Writing and Academic Skills Workshops this Summer at SSFP South Towne

These workshops are a tradition at SSFP. Our managing editor, Deidre Green, will lead this year’s workshops for students in grades 2-8. Graduate students from UW-Madison’s School of Education will assist Deidre and provide one-on-one instruction. Always fun and very lively, SSFP workshops use award-winning curriculum proven to make summer semester a springboard for fall success. [Read More]

[En Español]

Janesville Free Press Celebrates One Year of Student Publishing
Middle school students in Janesville are publishing compelling science and history content. SSFP students and staff send congratulations to the Janesville Free Press reporters. Click here to read more.
SSFP Continues to Support Dr. Daniels’ South Madison MATC Plan
Madison College President Dr. Jack Daniels III proposes to close MATC’s downtown campus and expand on Madison’s south side. The MATC Board voted unanimously to approve the plan. Click here to read more.
SSFP Students Explore and Write About Dane County
No special events or field trips are scheduled until after finals. But watch for summer features on museums in western Wisconsin, little-known historic sites in Dane County, and a series on clean energy innovation. Prior to time off for finals, SSFP students were all over town in May. Check out our May results here
Pygmy Rabbit Population Dangerously Small

by Callan Bird Bear, age 11
Sennett Free Press

Eight years ago, the smallest breed of rabbits in North America -- the pygmy rabbit -- was close to extinction. Currently, scientists are trying to help this species survive. [Read More]
What's In a Name? There's More to "Mountain Lions" and "Bobcats" Than You Might Think

by Elise Wang, age 11
Wright Free Press

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Puma and a Cougar? [Read More]
Coin That Phrase: Dial the Number

by Andréanna Wright, age 15; Simpson Street Free Press

It was a bustling day at the Free Press when one of our editors hung up his cell phone and sighed. I glanced over, and he turned to me with his cell phone still in hand and a quizzical look in his eye.

“Anna,” he said, “do you know where the phrase ‘dial the number’ comes from”? [Read More]

Centuries After Rediscovery, Machu Picchu Remains a Mystery

by Vanessa Shell, age 11; Simpson Street Free Press

Machu Picchu, a historic world site, was discovered in the 20th century in the Peruvian Andes by Connecticut Senator Hiram Bingham. [Read More]

Ants Take Medicine When They're Sick

by Diamond Washington, age 15; Simpson Street Free Press

Ants of the Formica Fusca species have discovered a way to fight off harmful fungal infections. They have discovered that hydrogen peroxide, though normally very dangerous to them, can sometimes be salubrious or, good for their health. [Read More]
Beta Pictoris b: un planeta rapidísimo

por Amy González, 13 años; La Prensa Libre de Simpson Street

Aun cuando hay muchos planetas en el universo, Beta Pictoris b es el más veloz de todos. Beta Pictoris b es uno de los primeros exoplanetas de los que se obtuvo una imagen directa. Un exoplaneta es un planeta que no gira alrededor de nuestro sol. [Leer Más]
Especies de rana adaptivas pero en peligro

por Lilian O'Donnell, 13 año; Sennett Free Press

¿Sabías que hay aproximadamente 400 tipos de ranas en el grupo de anfibios? Los anfibios respiran con sus branquias cuando son renacuajos y con sus bronquios cuando son adultos. Dentro de los anfibios existe el grupo de anuros que incluye las ranas y los sapos. Los anuros cuentan con mas de 5.000 especies, de las cuales 400 son ranas y 300 son sapos. [Leer Más]