June 6, 2016 |

A recent article on defending against dog attacks continues to generate questions from members. In this follow-up video, Independent Program Attorney Edwin Walker, of the law firm of Walker & Byington, goes into more detail about various aspects of legal dog defense. Click the dog to watch the video or read the transcript.
Michele Byington, an attorney for Walker & Byington and an Independent Program Attorney for Texas Law Shield, navigates through one vehicular incident and shows how each participants' decisions can have a number of legal implications. Click the cars to read more.
Members, we appreciate your sending in information on organizations, businesses, and clubs in the Great State of Texas that promote gun rights and the expansion of liberty. Click the shield to see the new "Friends" we added recently and learn how to send us more.
Michele Byington, of the Houston-based firm of Walker & Byington and Independent Program Attorney for Texas Law Shield, recently appeared on 700 WLW Radio in Cincinnati. Click the logo to hear her discuss why "reasonable" gun owners simply want what the Constitution says. 
Thanks to you and all of your support, U.S. Law Shield is now available to the law-abiding gun owners of Ohio and Kansas. 
The terms "bail" and "bond" get tossed around frequently when criminal defendants are temporarily released from custody, but they are actually different things. Click the Benjamins to learn about the subtleties.
Bring (or buy) a copy of Texas Gun Law: Armed and Educated and get it signed by program attorneys, and - schedule allowing - take a selfie with the lawyers. Then tag the photos #HangingWithLawShield on your social media pages to show your very public support for gun rights. Click the book to find an event near you!
The New York Post reported that when NYPD officers fired nine shots at a man, four of them failed to penetrate his Carhartt canvas jacket. Fluke or feature? Click the pockmarked jacket to find out.

Ruger's 10/22 Takedown Lite combines the attributes of the 10/22 Takedown line with a new, lighter-weight barrel and the Ruger Modular Stock System. Click the rifle's photos to see how little this plinker weighs.
This limited-edition Mason The Bear bobblehead is great for your office desk, as a gift, or as a collectible item. Every time you see Mason, you will be reminded not to leave the house without carrying your gun. Click on Mason's picture to see the offer details, and use promo code "MEMBER" at checkout to get a $5 member discount.