Hello Friends!

Our construction crew has been continuing to work along Q Avenue this week.

They have completed installing underground conduit all the way from Angling Road to 8th Avenue.

Also, following up last week's work on Stapleton Dr and Dorval Rd., they have moved down to Veronica St. and Queen Victoria Lane. Residents in those areas can expect to see pedestals going in soon.

The next major step will be to go North along 12th St. from Q Ave. as we continue to install the outer edge of our infrastructure.
A few words about MISS DIG:

CTS uses the MISS DIG system to notify existing utilities to locate and mark their facilities on the ground with paint and flags. This is a color coded system, with the following colors representing different utilities.
Once our crews are done with an area, they remove the flags. Please do not remove the flags yourself, as it could negatively impact your existing facilities.
Miss Dig will not mark underground sprinkling systems, dog fences, or other buried facilities with no public record.

It is advisable for homeowners with such systems to mark these if possible. Construction crews have repair parts with them and will fix any unmarked sprinkler lines that may be damaged during construction. If the damage is not immediately apparent and you find it later, please call us at 269-746-4411.