April 2020
Resources for Remote Learners
New Video Series from Our Staff

Logan Tech
This presentation gives great ideas as to how to bridge the gap between low and high tech AAC options. Glen Dobbs, president and founder of LoganTech, provides an insightful approach for transitioning AAC users.  

Logan Tech webinar screen shot

Claro offers assistive technology software and applications to aid users who have challenges with reading and writing.  Claro Software provides webinar links for all of their products which may be found listed on their website,

Additional resources, which provide quick overviews of some of their products are listed below:

View Plus webinar screen shot

This week, we at Missouri Assistive Technology would like to introduce you to ViewPlus. This company has tools for the blind and visual impaired. We have included training materials and a recent webinar conducted by ViewPlus. 

Join Our Staff in an AT Demonstrations of
Available Devices from MoAT!

The Livescribe is a paper-based computing platform which consists of a digital pen, digital paper, and software. It records what it writes for later uploading to a computer and synchronizes those notes with any audio it has recorded. To find out more, check out this quick video.

Link 2 Home Box

This handy, low-cost device can turn on/off your lamp, fan, or other devices by remote control.

Oven Rack Guard

This low-cost gadget easily installs and prevents burns.
Video from MoAT YouTube

Free Resources

Helperbird is an amazing site to help those students who struggle with dyslexia to overcome reading challenges while working on the computer. Helperbird is a browser extension that gives the user features to make the internet more accessible. By providing the user with features, such as: dyslexia fonts, the ability to change the font, the ability to change the background color, text to speech, overlays, a dyslexia ruler, Immersive Reader, and a reader mode. The internet quickly becomes more user friendly for those struggling with dyslexia. For more information and to download the free tools, on their website.

LoganTech, is offering a free 4-week trial of their devices. To take advantage of this offer we have a link below this description There you will fill in the required information for obtaining a loaner device. The site asks for a payment method. Choose the option of “discount code”. When prompted, enter the discount code “VIP”.

Claro has made their Cloud Based Apps FREE to use for anyone who needs help while the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. Also, they are offering a FREE trial copy of ClaroRead (valid thru July 2020).


Be well. Take care of yourself and family.

From Missouri Assistive Technology Staff