March 13, 2020

Distribution: All SCORE Volunteers and Staff, Board of Directors
To All SCORE Volunteers:

First, we thank you for your continued support in delivering SCORE's mission during this trying time. Of course, your health and the health of those we serve is of the utmost importance.
And with our mission being to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education, our clients are looking to SCORE for guidance and support during this time. We need to utilize our technology tools and entrepreneurial skills to continue to help our small businesses. Small businesses are relying on you, and we are committed to making sure you feel you can rely on us.
As a reminder, SCORE is recommending that ALL VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF WORK REMOTELY AND POSTPONE SCORE GATHERINGS. To see the complete email, click here.
Second, we want to continue to provide support to every volunteer to help you serve your clients. We have created this COVID-19 toolkit, and we will continue to add to it as information is shared and more content is developed. It includes the following resources:
  • Support on How to Conduct Mentoring Remotely
  • SBA's Disaster Loan Assistance
  • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Materials to Share with Clients
  • Communications templates and information
Third, we have sent a note to our national client newsletter subscriber list, but we still encourage each chapter to notify their client list as quickly as possible. There is an email template for chapters to send out to clients in your Constant Contact account. To see an example, click here. Please update the template as you see fit so that your clients have the information they need.
We will continue to communicate as more information becomes available. This is a fluid situation, and we appreciate your patience and determination through this time. My sincere wishes that you all stay healthy.

Bridget Weston
Acting CEO