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City Continues Efforts to Improve Transportation

When the city incorporated five years ago, it inherited traffic congestion problems, intersections that needed improvements, insufficient means for pedestrians to safely cross some streets around town and a lack of sidewalks making it unsafe for pedestrians to get around our city.

One of the benefits of incorporation allowed the city to collect SPLOST dollars and invest those monies in transportation improvements within our city. Before incorporation the SPLOST money collected by Gwinnett County was spread throughout the county on numerous projects, not all directly benefiting Peachtree Corners.

  More Sidewalks Coming Soon
Good news, additional sidewalks are planned for Peachtree Corners in 2017. Following are four projects that will add nearly 9,500 feet by the end of the year.
  1. Peachtree Corners Circle - approximately 2,000 feet of sidewalk will run from Peachtree Parkway (near Noble Fin restaurant) to the intersection of Medlock Bridge Road.
  2. Corners Parkway - approximately 1,300 feet of sidewalk will be installed from Crooked Creek to Kiveton; additionally 1,300 feet of sidewalk will be installed from Woodhill Drive to Holcomb Bridge Road.
  3. Technology Parkway South - Nearly 2,400 feet of sidewalk is scheduled to be installed from the corner of Technology Parkway to Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.
  4. Frank Neely Road - A new 2,500-foot sidewalk will be installed between Dove Field Court and Spalding Drive.
Public Works collects yard debris in neighborhoods from Tropical Storm Irma.
Public Works Crew Clears Trees, Picks Up Yards of Debris from Tropical Storm Irma

The tropical storm that blew through Peachtree Corners in September wreaked havoc with downed power lines and trees, and blocked roadways.

The Public Works crew was out on city streets clearing debris as soon as the first tree was reported down and continued until all storm debris was removed from rights of way. 

Public Works staff members were stationed at the Gwinnett County Emergency Operations Center throughout the night to respond to all downed tree reports and blocked roads. In the aftermath of the storm, the city obtained additional resources of manpower and equipment to provide curb-side pickup of residents' storm debris. All of the piles of debris left by residents was collected in less than a week.

Here are storm debris facts and statistics:

22 incidents of downed trees and power lines were reported between Sept. 11- 13
5 trees on power lines reported.
6 trees blocking streets
14 downed trees in rights of way.
1,300 cubic yards of yard debris from 230 miles of city street collected in just 5 days.

A large tree completely blocking Jay Bird Alley was one of 22 trees removed by the Public Works crew.

Early Voting for City Elections Underway

Early voting in person began on Monday, October 16, 2017, and closes the Friday before Election Day, November 3, 2017.

Voting is available weekdays at City Hall during regular business hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Proper identification must be supplied to cast a vote.

All voting will take place at Peachtree Corners City Hall, 147 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Find more information on the elections  here::


Use the link above to find out: 

  • Who the candidates are and their contact info
  • Voter Information
  • What IDs are accepted
  • Absentee voting information
  • Sample ballots .... and much more
1st Tech Accelerator Opens in City

Gwinnett's largest city is fast becoming a breeding ground for support centers used by entrepreneurs to develop and launch their new businesses.

Currently there are two startup incubators in Peachtree Corners:  Prototype Prime, the city supported startup incubator that opened its doors last October in space below City Hall; and  22 Tech Park, an incubator for IT entrepreneurs owned by businessman Mark Metz which is located just around the corner.

Now a third support center - a business accelerator has opened. The new venture, Atlanta Tech Park, is located just blocks from the current two incubators and  opened October 2.

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on City's Website

  • Do I need a permit to cut down a tree on my property?
  • How do I find out if I live in the Chattahoochee River corridor?
  • What voting district am I in for city elections?
  • Who do I call for animal control services?
  • How do I dispose of bulky items that won't fit in the garbage container?
Find the answers to these questions, and many more on the city's website. Visit and click on the link at top of homepage labeled " FAQs."
City Wins National Award for 'Best Website' 

The city's tagline is "Innovative and Remarkable" and apparently so is its website.

The City of Peachtree Corners has received the 2017 Pinnacle Award for best website by the National Association of Government Web Professionals (NAGW). The organization selects winners by category based on population. The  City of Peachtree Corners took top honors for the 40,001-95,000 population category.

"We are extremely pleased to learn that the Peachtree Corners website received this national recognition," said Councilmember Jeanne Aulbach. "The city launched the new site just two and half years ago and the staff has worked diligently to ensure the site has pertinent information posted for our residents and businesses."

Find dates for upcoming city meetings and 
community events around town.

Click below to
From the Code Enforcement Department

Regulations for Posting Political Signs

As elections draw near, please be aware it's illegal to post signs in the public right of way.   To determine public right of way, a rule of thumb is to identify the area between the edge of the street and utility poles. 

Prohibited signs and sign locations:
1. Signs placed in street rights-of-way, in medians, or on any public property (park, library, post office, city hall, etc.) 
2. Signs attached to traffic control devices such as speed limit or stop signs, portable trailer, curb or A-frame type signs, and streamers
3. Roof signs 
4. Moving signs 
5. Sign placed on private property without the owner's permission

This is not the sign ordinance in its entirety. If you have questions, contact the Code Enforcement Department at 678-691-1200.

From the Building Department
Should I Consider Installing a Home Emergency Standby Generator?                            

As a result of storm damage from Hurricane Irma, in Georgia alone, nearly 1.5 million Georgia Power and EMC customers lost power on Monday, September 11th.  

Two days after the storm passed, around 600,000 customers were still without power.  One way to avoid a power interruption is to install a Home Standby Generator.

Veterans Day is Only a Month Away

Honor the veterans in your family or your friends with an engraved paver for the Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument.  

Do you have an uncle who served in the Armed Forces but who lives In Montana?  Or a college friend who served but now lives in California, or who is still serving?  Or a relative who was killed in World War II?  

The Veterans Monument is the perfect place to honor them and their service to our country. It's easy to place your order, v isit the Peachtree Corners Veterans Monument Association website to place your order.
City Adds 23 New Businesses in September

City Hall processed new occupational tax certificates for a variety of businesses last month including a company that provides graphic design services, a motion picture and video production company and a business that provides services for the elderly. 

See the   complete list of 23 businesses  along with contact information.
You Say It's Your Birthday ... It's My Birthday Too!

Prototype Prime is turning 1 - and you are invited to help celebrate. Tour the startup incubator's amazing space and meet the variety of dynamic companies that make Prototype Prime home. Enjoy good company, food, beer, and of course, cupcakes! 

When: Oct. 26 from 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Where: 147 Technology Parkway, Suite 100

RSVP required to ensure there's enough cupcakes for everyone.
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