The Different Types of Door Alarms
Door alarms are used for many different applications. Whether for safety, security, or to save money on energy bills, the different door alarms offer a unique solution to problems faced every day by stores, schools, hospitals, and restaurants.

Exit Alarms
Exit alarms are designed to sound when an unauthorized person exits through a door. A keyholder must come silence the alarm. Exit alarms are typically used on emergency exit doors.

Door Prop Alarms
Door prop alarms allow a door to open and close continuously, but sound when the door is left open longer than the programmed time limit. The alarm silences when the door is closed, and a keyholder is not required to reset the alarm.

Timed Bypass Alarms
Considered both an exit alarm and a door prop alarm, timed bypass alarms allow the door to be freely opened and closed for a set amount of time (for example, the time required to take trash out to a dumpster). After the door is closed, the alarm rearms itself. Timed Bypass Alarms are typically used on restaurant kitchen doors and retail receiving doors.

Door Management Alarms
Typically tied to an access control system, door management alarms provide relay outputs to remote control panels. These alarms usually include detection for intrusion/forced door, and prop/held door. Many can also be used as a stand alone door alarm.

Door Annunciators
A door annunciator sounds when a door opens and stops sounding when the door closes. Similar to a door prop alarm, the door annunciator does not require a key holder to reset the alarm. Door prop alarms can be used as a door annunciator by simply adjusting the timer to the lowest time setting. Like door prop alarms, a cylinder is not required for door annunciators

Did You Know?

Detex offers several types of door alarms, including all that are mentioned above.

EAX-500 Battery Powered Exit Alarm   (weatherized also available)
EAX-300 Battery Powered Door Prop Alarm   (weatherized also available)
EAX-2500 Hardwired Exit Alarm
EAX-3500 Timed Bypass Alarm
EAX-4200 Door Management Alarm
EAX-411SK Hardwired Door Prop Alarm

While the EAX-300 and the EAX-411SK are door prop alarms, they can be used as door annunciators simply by changing the field adjustable timer to the lowest time setting. When used as a door annunciator, the 70 decibel alarm will sound while the door is open and stop sounding when the door closes.  Typical uses include, low risk emergency exit only doors, doors leading to stockroom from sales floor, stairwell doors, and various internal doors within healthcare and educational facilities.

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