August 22, 2019

We have a limited supply of these fascinating plants!

They make for a unique gift or an eye-catching, novelty piece for your home garden. Place them on a bright patio or even out in full sun. They look great in mixed containers as well. Try them with some zinnias and pentas to keep your pot in a flutter all fall long!

A plant that actually loves our crazy summers! This low growing fern loves the hot, wet weather we get every summer. The lovely soft green foliage will slowly spread to form a delicate mat that protects the soil and beautifies your home.

Plant this in a wet, shady part of the garden that needs some life.
Locally grown tomato plants are in stock!
Cherokee Creek Farms has delivered some of our favorite varieties including:
Early Wonder, Tiny Tim, Ilde, Elfin, and many others!

Need some help on all things related to growing tomatoes?
Check out our Total Guide to Growing Tomatoes HERE!

Looking to expand or start your fall garden?
A fresh batch of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, okra, squash and cucumbers
have just arrived!

Coming in September, be sure to start looking out for some winter veggies
like collards and cabbage!

Why go green with your hedges when you can do so much more?

Function and beauty come together in Juliet Cleyera. This gorgeous and easy-to-grow hedge plant will grow into a solid screen to give your home privacy while also illuminating your entire yard with the soft yellow and red of the variegated leaves.

One of the most popular perennial salvias in the south, Black and Blue is low-maintenance and pollinator friendly. Its cobalt blue flowers look stunning next to the golden yellow flowers of Black-eyed Susans and the pink panicle blooms of perennial phlox. Do be sure to give this salvia some space. It won't be long before you've got a big, beautiful bunch of blue flowers!
Containers are a great way to enhance any space in your landscape. Whether your front porch needs a pop of color or an empty space by the pool that could use some texture, containers are the way to go!

We have a custom container designer on staff ready to design a container or two just for you!
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