Apr. 3, 2019 | JNCL Newsroom
On April 3, JNCL-NCLIS Executive Director, Dr. Bill Rivers, presented the 2019 Rush D. Holt Award for Language Service to the Nation. Mr. Cole’s commitment to languages has been well-documented. He was instrumental in 2017 in ensuring that Title VI/Fulbright-Hays was fully funded. He also developed the conference agreement in the FY2018 Omnibus appropriations that restored the Obama and Trump administration’s proposed cuts to the
Apr. 8, 2019 | Language Magazine
The Paul Simon Study Abroad Act is being introduced today (4/11/19) , and we are calling on our readers to join us is in supporting it.

The Simon Act was one of the Joint National Committee for Languages/ National Council for Languages and International Studies’ (JNCL-NCLIS’) key “legislative asks” during its Language Advocacy Day 2019. The Act aims to make study abroad accessible for all students, regardless of their economic standing. Over 80% of college freshmen want to study abroad, yet only 10% of students study abroad before they graduate, and minority students are greatly underrepresented within those numbers. 
Apr. 8, 2019 | DW
The Japan Tourism Agency has announced the results of a two-month investigation into the websites operated by 85 train and bus companies across the country, as well as verifying the accuracy of foreign-language signage in towns and cities. And t he results have been disappointing .
One transport company refers to children as "dwarfs" in its signs while another includes the instructions, "What happens to the children fare from what age?" A sign at Jimbocho subway station in central Tokyo reads, "The Toei Shinjuku and Toei Mita Lines can't take it," while a sign at the former prison in Hakone reads, " Put off your guilty shoes and come in the prison politely ."
Apr. 9, 2019 | News AU
 A brand new 50-cent coin has been released into circulation, with a feature our money has never seen before .

The new coin features 14 different translations for the word “money” from Australian indigenous languages.

The Royal Australian Mint released the coins on Monday to celebrate the International Year of indigenous Languages .
Apr. 9, 2019 | Vox
Time was, if you were creating a fantasy or sci-fi world in film or TV, you could simply make up some lines using sounds that English speakers didn’t hear much and get away with few people noticing or caring.

Now, if you want a truly immersive story, you need to hire someone to create not just one but several languages for your project, thoughtfully consider which scenes will and won’t use those languages, and make sure the actors you hire can sound convincing when they deliver lines in those languages.
Apr. 6, 2019 | Sputnik News
The BBC subtitles have on a multitude of occasions made hilarious headlines for botched translation since switching to an automated system, which electronically converts words into text. The BBC broadcaster has been widely mocked on social media after it, seemingly, failed to translate the subtitles from French into English as France’s President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Read more
Apr. 8, 2019 | VentureBeat
Adding support for a new language to a voice assistant like Alexa isn’t as easy as you might think, but researchers at Amazon believe they’ve developed a method that’ll expedite and simplify the process . In a newly published paper (“Cross-Lingual Transfer Learning for Spoken Language Understanding“) and accompanying blog post, they describe a technique that adapts a machine learning model trained in one tongue to another with minimal training data. Read more



Your efforts haven't gone unnoticed! However, the fight rages on and we still need YOUR HELP . If you haven't sent a letter yet, take a minute of your time to follow the links below. If you've already sent a letter, send another ! Your support for these programs matters.

On March 11, 2019, President Trump released his administration's proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020. Overall, the spending proposal calls for a 10-12% reduction in Federal non-defense discretionary spending, as well as the elimination of several major programs. Show your support to help protect these programs !

The 2019 Annual Conference features the third ALC Leaders Forum. Plan on attending the full day on May 1 to be part of impactful discussions and problem-solving on the worker classification issue. Being back in D.C., we reconvene to review federal policy and regulatory issues facing the industry, and to meet with members of Congress and Executive Branch agencies with jurisdiction over relevant issues. Read more and register!

Time to check out Globally Speaking episode 77! We invited Daniel Sullivan of Tableau back to update us on the work he’s done to evolve their localization program.
We chat about:
  • what a mature localization environment looks like
  • how the buyer journey affects localization choices
  • why KPIs don’t determine quality (and what does)
  • how search habits should influence localization

You are invited to join us in exploring this important topic with national leaders in research, practice, and policy who will share their perspectives on why developing language and literacy skills in English plus other languages is critical in today’s learning environment.

Featured speakers will include leaders from federal agencies, Congress, educators, parents and students. Read more and register!
EMAIL US: tcalvin@languagepolicy.org

The Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures looks forward to once again hosting the region’s premier foreign language conference in Auburn, Alabama on October 10-12, 2019. Those present will bear witness to the incredible growth of Auburn University and of the City of Auburn.

If you are interested in presenting an original paper or proposing an organized panel, please submit a 250-word abstract by email to  miflc2019@auburn.edu. Read more

Submission deadline April 19, 2019.

Deadline: July 5th
Native speakers of critical languages are in high demand in the U.S. government. EHLS trains advanced English speakers to be effective communicators and strong candidates for federal jobs.

All EHLS participants receive a  full scholarship  from the  National Security Education Program (NSEP)  that includes tuition and a living stipend.

Many immigrant families are apprehensive to use services for which they are eligible as a result of fear and a misunderstanding of "Public Charge" policy in immigration. 

Do you have immigrant families refusing to apply for school meals or have their children participate in ESL/bilingual programs? They may be afraid that their participation will prevent them from obtaining a green card. Learn more about how for many families this fear is unfounded. 

Join TransACT and Roger Rosenthal on April 15th , 2019 to learn more about the "public charge" policy, so you can explain the relative risks of that policy to parents in your community. Read more and register!

Are you currently teaching a high school AP German class, or thinking about getting started? AATG members may apply for financial aid to participate in an AP® German Language and Culture summer institute. Applicants can choose from a wide variety of 2019 summer institutes. Read more
Deadline is April 15
The Greater Washington Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages (GWATFL) will hold its Spring Conference for World Language Educators on   April 27, 2019  9:00 AM - 3:00 PM at National Cathedral School Washington, D.C., United States In case you are interested in presenting a table, please click here
We are incorporating more breaks in the schedule dedicated to the exhibits´ area during this upcoming conference. For further information on the event, please visit our website. Read more
On the occasion of its fifth biennial gathering, it is fitting that the ISLSP should “take stock” of what has transpired since its origins at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2012, and its accomplishments to date. This conference provides a forum for the community of LSP scholars, instructors, and administrators to address, develop and reflect on issues related to LSP theory,methodology and practice . At the same time, this fifth gathering should be all about “moving forward” with the CIBERs, exploring LSP developments and possibilities as we travel into the coming decade(s). “Taking Stock and Moving Forward: LSP Theory, Method, Content, Curriculum, Collaboration” will share developments and innovation in LSP research, practice, and curriculum development, broadly considered.

When: March 5-7 2020 Read more

Established in 2018, The Atlanta Global Studies Center (AGSC) is partnership of Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University. Our mission is to enhance access to advanced language learning and deepen knowledge of global and intercultural issues for the benefit of Atlanta region students, faculty and the public. A National Resource Center and a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship program, AGSC is funded by a Title VI grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The award is one of only seven awards supporting centers with a focus on international studies.

June 10-11, 2019, University of Utah Campus
Presenters: Carl Blyth (UT Austin) and Anne Lair (University of Utah)
The FLLITE project, a collaboration of COERLL (University of Texas at Austin) and CERCLL (University of Arizona), helps teachers to bridge the language/literature divide by developing their own literacy lessons as open educational resources (OER). Rather than focusing on canonical literature, FLLITE lessons focus on the poetics of everyday language (e.g., conversations, letters, blogs, YouTube videos, etc.). in brief, the goal of this workshop is to help foreign language teachers develop original materials based on authentic texts that promote language awareness and communicative abilities through the integration of reading, listening, speaking, and writing tasks.

Participants can receive 1 graduate-level college credit but must attend both days. Sponsored via a Language Resource Center grant. Read more about how to sign up!

The 6 th  Annual Community-Based Heritage Language Schools Conference at American University will be held on Saturday,   October 12, 2019. The Coalition of Community-Based Language Schools is a nationwide initiative established to support, guide, and promote the interests of community-based heritage language schools and organizations across the United States. Registration will open in June. Read more .
Solicitation Number: FA481419TF080
Agency: Department of the Air Force
Office: Air Mobility Command
Location: 6th Contracting Squadron
Response Date: May 3

Solicitation Number: NIHOD201800037
Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
Office: National Institutes of Health
Location: Office of Acquisition
Response Date: May 8
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