Winter is Coming - We Can Help Elephants in Nepal 

Our efforts to provide supplemental produce for the elephants in Nepal continue, but they have been hampered by the intense rain of monsoon season. Our dear friends and project coordinators Raju and Shanti are monitoring the situation. As soon as the skies clear and produce is available, we will resume these valuable food drops for the elephants.

In the meantime, we are assessing needs for the upcoming winter season, and elephant coats are at the top of the list. Older elephants and young calves tend to chill easily, and coats are a simple solution. In Nepal's Chitwan area, where the winters are short but with near freezing temperatures, coats for vulnerable elephants are essential. Last year, EAI supporters provided coats for two young calves, along with five adult elephants who conduct anti-poaching patrols for the Nepal government in Chitwan National Park. Regardless of how much or how little you can afford, every donation makes a big difference. Together we can improve the lives of these elephants:
  • $250 pays for one insulated waterproof coat.
  • $75 pays to ship the coat directly from the manufacturer to the elephant in Nepal.
  • $20 pays for a coat repair
ERNA Bridges - Progress Continues

We are pleased to report that we've completed six of the fifteen bridges necessary for maintaining the fencing at Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA). With Java in control of the bridges project, we are sure to reach our goal and complete them by spring!

Why do we need bridges? The characteristics of ERNA that make it perfect for elephants - lots of natural water sources, rain and abundant plant life - mean an abundance of wet, marshy areas after it rains. Without bridges, the 60,000 feet of fencing quickly becomes overgrown with vegetation and difficult to access.

Please consider contributing to our Build A Bridge campaign to help secure the funding for the materials we need to complete the project. Our goal is $27,000 and every donation helps us get there.

Learn more about the project and the cost of materials on the Build a Bridge page.

Study on Male Elephants Explores Importance of Relationships
We know how important matriarchs are to the survival of the elephant species as they help the herd thrive, and pass knowledge to future generations. A new study on the role of older male elephants sheds light on how they share ecological knowledge to help younger males in their groups find food and water.

You can learn more about the University of Exeter's research on PHYS.ORG, or explore the full study here .
World Animal Day is Oct 4

The mission of World Animal Day is to raise the status of animals to improve welfare standards around the globe. We live and breathe those ideals every day at EAI by working to raise consciousness and enhance elephant welfare. EAI will be launching a very special tribute on World Animal Day - please tune in on our Facebook page on October 4.

If you would like to commemorate World Animal Day on October 4, 2020, please consider creating a fundraising campaign on Facebook to support EAI. Campaigns are easy to set up. Just click the link below and tell your friends they can contribute to EAI's work for elephants around the world.

EleFAQs Expanded

We have been busy adding interesting facts to our eleFAQs, covering elephant emotions, communication, gender identification, and so much more. Everything in our index is developed and curated by EAI founder and CEO Carol Buckley and is based on questions from our supporters. Carol's years of experience and unique insights fill this knowledge base with rich details you won't find anywhere else.

Let us know if you have a burning question about elephants not covered in the eleFAQs.

Read and share the eleFAQs to help expand your knowledge of these magnificent and complex beings.

Kroger's Community Rewards - Grocery Shoppers Can Support EAI

Now you can support EAI while doing your weekly shopping! Through Kroger's Community Rewards Program, every time you swipe your Shopper's Card, you help elephants. The program works through regional divisions, so if you live in the state of Georgia; lower Alabama (near Auburn and Opelika); or parts of South Carolina (near North Augusta and Hilton Head) you can contribute to EAI at no added cost to you.

To link your card to EAI, please visit:

As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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