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Measurement--More Difficult Than It Used to Be   
Do you remember when the word "measurement" called to mind kitchen cups and spoons or the ruler on your desk? Me too.

And, speaking of rulers, I'll never forget the day that I was trying to teach my class of about 25 third graders the difference between Metric and Imperial measurement. My patience level had reached its limit much earlier in the day, the kids weren't getting the gist of the lesson, and frustration was as stifling as the air in the room on that hot and humid day.

I can't really explain the why's of what happened then, but, while I was pointing out (okay maybe pounding out) some information on the chalkboard, a bracelet unclasped from my wrist and went sailing over the heads in the first row and landed with a clatter on the floor behind them.


Then slowly, quietly at first, a couple of snorts, a few giggles, then out and out belly laughs, the loudest coming from yours truly.

Tension relieved. Whew!

And with that, I turned the lesson into a game of estimating how far the bracelet "flew," first in inches, feet and yards and then millimeters, centimeters and meters. Frustration disappeared and everyone was back on board.

Today though, measurement is talked about in terms of metrics (new meaning of that word), analytics, ROI, opens, clicks, followers, friends and connections. Tough to fully understand how to go about implementing these measurements, let alone what to do once you have the numbers.

So it's no wonder that most of the images of "measurement" from my photographers have something to do with physical instruments. No matter. A great photo is a great photo, and that's easy to understand.

(c ) Ron Wu (based in Chicago)

(c) Jeff Corwin (based in Seattle)

(c)  Rosanne Olson  (based in Seattle)

(c) Robin Moyer (based in Hong Kong)

To see all the above photos in a larger format, click here.

If you've forgotten some of the metric and/or Imperial units of measurement, and want a refresher, let me know, and I'll send you the phone number of one of my former third graders.
I'm going to skip next month (Dec.), but I'll be back to you in Jan. with the next word: LEADERSHIP.

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