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October is Bullying Prevention Month - Part 2
In addition to the Town of Moraga, the Acalanes Union High School District passed a resolution marking October as Bullying Prevention Month
Members of the Acalanes High School Safe School Ambassadors accept the AUHSD Resolution from the School Board.

And the Moraga School District did likewise:
Superintendent Burns and the Moraga School Board presenting the
Bullying Prevention Month Resolution to Wendell Baker
(Moraga iKind)

Is your organization willing to ask your members to take the pledge?

We're asking organizations in Moraga to ask their members to take the iKind pledge.  We'll keep score, so far we have 285 pledges.

Contact us for pledge forms and stickers.

A video to share

(Its important to watch the whole video.)

To My Bully :90 PSA - AGLH
To My Bully :90 PSA - AGLH

More about movies in the next newsletter.

Welcoming Schools and Communities Summit

November 7, 2015
Our youth are being bullied, teased, and rejected because of their gender and sexual orientation. Let's come together to create change!
The Summit is a space for:
* youth to voice their needs;
* participants to learn how to build more welcoming spaces;
* you to participate in dialogue about what we can all do to create supportive families, safe schools, & accepting faith groups & communities!
This summit includes youth age 11 and up, service providers, community members, faith leaders, policy makers, school administrators, teachers and families/caregivers of LGBTQ youth.
Join Us!
Olympic High School
2730 Salvio St
Concord, CA 94519
For more information, contact Tawny Porter
(925) 692-0090; www.rainbowcc.org
** The Summit is free of charge; donations will be requested at the door to help pay for lunch.

For more information or materials please contact:  

Moraga iKind Project | w endell@able-baker.com | 1070 Larch Ave. Moraga, CA