Issue 17
February 2016
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Louisiana Governor Games Youth and Masters Indoor Classic
Baton Rouge, LA, USA
February 27, 2016 

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It will be easier and quicker to view the things you love from this site when we have finished with all the changes. Your feedback, suggestions and requests have been invaluable too. Please keep them coming and we will make the changes.  Remember, this is your site so these are really important to us. 

Thank you to USATF NE, USATF SE, JDL Fast Track and all the athletes who came to see us at the East an
d South East Regional Championships. We really appreciated the meet organizers welcoming us and athlete support, encouragement, requests, advice and suggestions. We hope we can make the improvements important to Ma s ters Athletes worldwide - meeting athletes at these events should have a major impact.
Come see us (and the trophy) in Albuquerque, NM
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Meeting Masters Athletes at the competitions has been very productive. We are trying to attend as many as we can so we can improve the way we support you. The next meet I am coming to meet you is the USATF Masters Indoor Championship. I want to discuss whatever is important to you.

We are looking into attending other competitions to meet you and will schedule more conferences like we did last year. Announcements will be posted on the site. 

Site will continue to evolve
Photo by Frank Poulin
This site has evolved since we started this concept in 2006. You have inspired much of the evolution and improvement. We will continue to evolve the new site with your help and feedback - we expect to make many changes over the coming weeks. Please let us know what you do not like and we will make changes and / or show you how the new site can be better for you. The changes we have made improve the site functionality and are commensurate with widely accepted website format and appearance. 

The forms were more difficult to get to look as we wanted. Consequently, there are a few features and forms which are temporarily unavailable. Links have been problematic too. There are so many links in the system and we apparently did not realize how many plus did not find and correct. Special characters in words and names do not appear properly either. All these will be restored, corrected and improved within the next month weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition.  
Tell us what you think of the new site and what improvements you want made. 

Site is faster and more automated
The personal profile pages are about 3 times faster now that the rankings numbers are calculated daily instead of each time you went to the page. You can find athletes using more search parameters and portions of names which makes it much easier to find the athlete you want to see. The Most Improved Ranked Athlete Leader Boards are now updated weekly. This automation and others like it further improve our efficiency, like we predicted and planned. We will be getting much more done in 2016!   

Ranked Athlete Spotlight

"It's never too late to follow your dream. I followed my dream, and I raced at the Bird's Nest in Beijing". Wise words from Liz who started in Masters Athletics because her daughter's coach invited her to train with her young squad.  In spite of being at the end of her age group, she broke the regional records in 100m and 200m in her first meet! She was also ranked 37th in the world in her first year.  Liz has worked and trained hard and she has continually lowered the local regional records plus now holds New Zealand national records. Seeing World Rankings and World Championship results has further motivated Liz.  As a result, she worked even harder to prepare and won in Porto Alegre then defended her title and added two more in Lyon.  Liz has had the honor of standing on the medal stand and hearing New Zealand's National Anthem played plus coming in 3rd while racing in front of 60,000 people at the IAAF Championships. It still blows her mind.  It blows our minds too Liz.
By the Numbers / Meet Results

These are the meets and performances added in February:
  • 18,211 performances added (1,447 by athletes)
  • Representing 5,500 athletes from 47 countries
  • 1,452 more athletes represented.
Complete Meet Results Added:
There are also over 8,500 2015 performances from the UK that were inserted into the European and World Masters Rankings. There is more help and collaboration this month from nations so we are hopeful that there will be complete World rankings sometime this year. 
Another busy month almost complete and a very productive month ahead of us! Thank you again for the honor of serving Masters Athletes worldwide, your encouragement, support and feedback. 

Stay healthy and have fun!
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