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There’s not much more needed now for SMBs than to improve cash flow. How.
Global M&A Industry Trends (Beware)
How good it can get for searchers buying SMBs: Alex Pawle and Matthew Fogarty.
How my client in less than 90-days increased the value of his company 20%.

Transforming Potential No-Deals to Done Deals
Listen, below, to my interviews of leading dealmakers. You’ll glean real-world tactics for negotiating and reviving deals that should occur and avoiding deals that shouldn’t.
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How Alex Pawle sold his business, bought another one and became a local industrialist.
Like many successful entrepreneurs, Alex Pawle pays attention to details and trends, and then adjusts his activity to maximize opportunity. While others were sitting on the sideline last year, fearful of the pandemic and financial crisis, Alex sold a business (and published a book about it) and then purchased Pegasus Precision Limited. He continues to search for more acquisitions. He does these things because he knows how, with the help of the right kind of advisory team. Listen to Alex and me talk about his journey to prepare himself and then find the right businesses the right ways.
  • Tip: Continue searching until the day you complete your acquisition. And then consider expanding your opportunity by searching for more deals. (I can help you do it faster and morre profitably.)

Matthew Fogarty purchased Celsius Sheetmetal (Australia). His website video shows what's ahead.

  • "Special thanks to Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate, who's ideas, positivity and experience were greatly appreciated."

Global M&A Industry Trends: Fierce competition ahead for dealmakers shaping the post-pandemic economy. The prognosis for dealmaking in 2021 is marked by opportunity and transformation. (PwC Global)

What’s worrying you, Ted, right now, about the buying and selling of SMBs?
Here’s part of my answer: Customer and employee loyalty, retention and cost of acquiring them. Supply chain disruptions. Late or no deliveries. Shipping and receiving snafus. Price changes. Migrating demand. Negative cash flow.
  • My opinion, despite the cheery forecast: Beware. There are numerous sectors that are not going to experience growth; some of which can be especially dumb deals by SMB purchasers.

“. . . unclear language regarding the valuation of a company or an interest in it, is one of the most frequent causes of valuation disputes with buy-sell agreements,” reports author, appraiser, advisor Chris Mercer.

Business Acquisition Creative Financing—After Gaining Control. Listen to how my client in less than 90-days increased the value of his company 20%, during my conversation with Global PMI Partners, Robert Heaton (M&A Integration and Divestment).

As for cash flow, now is a good time for everyone in business or wanting to buy or sell a business to squeeze more cash out of the pipeline. Do it more profitably using this, which I (and lots of people) have used for decades to increase the cash flow of small businesses 10% to 25% within 90 days.

SMB M&A new podcast series Transforming Potential No-Deals to Done Deals
The Search: Trials, Tribulations & Triumph!
Buying the Right Business the Right Way
  • Alex Pawle, Kent Business Investors, bought a manufacturing company, March 2020.
  • How he got there is quite a story.

2021 Insights for Business Sellers and Buyers
Seeing opportunity. Avoiding trouble. What's happening and coming during the pandemic and financial crises.

Preventing or Turning-Around Troubled Transactions
M&A attorney Scott Weavil shows us how prevention is a good way to avoid worthwhile deals falling through.

Akbar Ali, Partner - Head of Corporate, Berkeley Rowe International Law Firm

John Martinka, The Escape Artist ®
  • Seller/Buyer Relationships
  • How a Sale of Shares Saved the Deal
  • Buyer and Seller Avoid the C-Corp Trap and Minimize Tax
My 50 interviews of leading dealmakers.

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Reid Davidson showcases his intent to buy a business.

Watch the video and see his website.
How Buyers Think
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Answers to 20 questions, from one of our most popular seminars.
This is definitely not for the faint of heart. No sugar coating or kumbaya language.
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There’s not much more needed right now than for SMBs to improve their cash flow.

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