MARCH 14, 2020
Dear Patient of FOWH,

At Fair Oaks Women’s Health, we are taking steps to reduce the number of medical appointments. We anticipate being short-staffed due to employees staying home with their children or having to self-quarantine.

  1. We are planning to offer to reschedule all annual exam patients (well-woman exam) to 3 months from now. Expect a phone call from us if you have a WW exam in the next few months.
  2. We are planning for some routine pregnancy visits to be by telephone. For now, these will be the 24 week and the 34 week visit. See our web site for more information.
  3.  At 34 weeks, we need your blood pressure measurement to screen for pre-eclampsia. If you can do this at home, then we can book a scheduled phone call with a doctor. If not, you will still need to come in for a blood pressure check and prenatal visit.
  4. We are looking into setting up Telehealth abilities.
  5. So far, we have no patients, staff or doctors who have been exposed, developed symptoms, or required to self-quarantine.

Additional Information
  1. Quest Labs and LabCorp can perform coronavirus testing. We have no idea when the “announced” drive through testing will be available. Doctor’s offices, Urgent Care Centers and Emergency Rooms can collect swabs and submit them for testing. Results take up to 4 days.
  2. DO NOT go to any Quest or LabCorp location and ask for a COVID test. They cannot collect the specimen. It must be obtained by a medical professional.
  3. The website mentioned by the President on TV is NOT close to being available. Google has a small division called Verily which is working on a web site for Northern California. 
  4. Think about what supplies you and your family might need if everyone is forced to self quarantine for a few weeks:
  • Tap water is always available. If there is concern for sterility, you can boil it first and let it cool. There is no need to overstock on bottled water.
  • Stock up on long-term storable protein such as canned and/or frozen meats, poultry or fish; and frozen, cans or jars of fruits and vegetables.
  • Dried milk powder is mostly unavailable. Beef jerky can keep for a long time, as can nuts, nut butters, and protein powder.
  • Infant formula and supplies. DO NOT try to make home-made baby formula. There are risks of infection, over or under supply of nutrients, or introduction of harmful substances. Call your Pediatrician if you need formula and cannot get it.
  • Activities for children: (books, games, toys), so they are not using video devices 16 hours a day.

Should I wear a face mask?
In a recent publication, we presented anecdotal evidence that wearing a face mask might reduce the risk of getting sick. We shared this with you because of information we received from a patient who lives in China. This is NOT currently recommended by medical professionals.

Face Masks should be worn in the following situations:
  1. You have been diagnosed with COVID.
  2. You have the symptoms of COVID, fever and cough, but have not been diagnosed yet.
  3. You are in close contact or taking care of someone with the above.

Avoid visiting hospitals, nursing homes or any facility where there is a higher likelihood of encountering someone with a COVID infection. Make phone calls, use FaceTime or Skype, but try and minimize close personal contact.

References and Resources