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What's really behind chicken quality complaints? | Why don't farmers save their seeds?
Let's hear it for more food science | On the edge of a beef price crash?
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What_s up with chicken meat_
What's really going on with chicken meat quality?
Social media has erupted with "reports" of "new research" showing modern chicken is affliced with several conditions that cause the meat to be tougher, more fatty and even less healthy. Are your shoppers really getting the whole story? Behind the headlines.
Why don_t farmers save their seeds anymore_
Why don't farmers save more seed?
Advocates for small farms are concerned the announced merger between U.S. seed company Monsanto and another corporation will spell the end of farmers' ability to save their own seeds for planting the following season. It all begs an important question: Why did farmers ever quit saving their own seed in the first place?
Could we get a little more science on these issues_
Yes please, science marchers: We'd like more science
Several public-interest groups sponsored worldwide protest marches on Earth Day in April to advocate for more science in political decisions. Farmer Goes to Market has a modest request for these critics of the modern food system: Could we have a little more science from you in these six issues?
Are we looking at a beef price crash_
The great beef price crash of 2018?
Following the largest sell-down of the nation's beef herd in history during the now-forgotten droughts of the last decade, America's beef ranchers have returned to cattle breeding with a vengeance. Will the supply increase that's bound to result spell a coming price crash? A look at the numbers. 
Nebraska hops farmers
Nebraska hops farmers creating a new local market
The Cornhusker State's burgeoning craft beer movement has spawned a new crop interest among some Nebraska farmers: Hops. Here's a look at how one new local industry supports another.   
Eight reasons why moms rule
Eight reasons moms rule
Celebrate the joy of mother with this video tribute to eight reasons mom was always one step ahead of us.
It's important we all keep sharing our stories
Kathy_s Commentary
Another great edition of Farmer Goes to Market: Hard-hitting, factual stories that share truth in agriculture. I hope you enjoy this edition and encourage you to pass it on to others.
NGIA will be holding its Annual Conference on June 22. Click here for registration information. I h ope to see many industry members at this event.  
Several grocers participated in the industry fly-in in Washington, DC. We thank our delegates for visiting with us about issues that impact the grocery industry. We held productive meetings with our representatives and their staff. We know they're not grocers, so it's important that we share our stories with them so they understand the impact their votes have on folks back home.
The Nebraska Legislature is still in session, with 12 working days left in this year. Discussion is ongoing regarding property tax reform, and we hope they can agree on a solution. Meaningful dialog has taken place, and we hope they are able to come to a consensus so Nebraska tax payers actually see some relief. If not, there's next year - but reform is needed now.
- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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