Sacrament Program News for Confirmation
  The next Family Mass is November 16
St. Emily and St. Thomas Becket Parishes
November 5, 2019
Dear Families,

The Baby Bottles are due back this week, on November 6.  The funds go to women and children in great need, so we hope they come back heavy with spare change.  (And anything else you'd like to throw in.)

We had a great Back to School Night last year and we're glad to welcome families back again.  Please check out the details for November 20.

As our White Halloween reminded us, Chicagoland weather is not dependable - or rather we can depend upon it to complicate our lives.  Please check out our winter weather notification process, so that you don't make any unnecessary trips.

Please remember that Alpha is continuing this Wednesday .  After you drop off your child in the gym, you are welcome to join us in the school faculty room. Don't worry if you missed last week .  Come anyway. 
Family Mass
Join us on November 16 at 5:00 PM

Family Mass is a great opportunity to not only worship together, but to minister together.

Each month, different families sign up to be the greeters, readers and gift bearers for our community.

The next Family Mass is Saturday, November 16 at 5:00 PM.  You can sign up here.   This mass will be Enrollment mass for the seventh and eighth graders preparing for Confirmation.
  • The greeters will welcome parishioners upon their arrival to mass and hand out bulletins as they leave. 
  • The readers will read the first and second readings, as well as the intercessions.
  • The gifts of bread and wine can be brought to the altar by the whole family.

backtoschoolBack to School Night
Join us on November 20 

We would like to invite you to a  Back-to-School night in Religious Ed on November 20. 

We will have 20 minute periods for you to observe what happens in your child's classroom (and enough time to circulate if you have more than one child.) 

The catechists and the students are eager to welcome you, so that you can get a taste of what is happening in the classrooms each week.  We hope that you can join us and discover a bit more about what the kids are learning.

We'll let the classes have a few minutes to get settled in before welcoming you into the classroom. Please note that dismissal will take place as usual.

Come to Alpha
Join us on Wednesdays at 6:15 PM 
to find the real answers to questions

Come to Alpha.  

It can't be simpler.  Drop off your kids in the gym and come into the school faculty room to explore the answers to the big questions of life - faith, meaning, God, purpose.

Wednesdays at 6:15 PM in the fall.

Join us!

Explore More | Alpha Invitation 2017/18

Important Confirmation Preparation Event
For both Seventh and Eighth Graders 

Confirmation is a two-year preparation and important dates are coming up for candidates for 2020 and 2021.
  • The Enrollment Mass for both the 2020 and 2021 candidates is Saturday, November 16 at 5:00 PM.
  • Please contact Cathy Crino if your candidate would like to read at the mass.
All the information about Confirmation preparation can always be found on the website.

winterEmergency Closing Information
Know how to be informed

We hope that all our Wednesdays are sunny and dry, but it is Chicago and we realize that winter weather is no joke.

If we find it advisable to close, we will send a blast email to all families that day.

We will also post any closings at the   Emergency Closing Center.  Please check there to make sure.   You can also sign up there for email alerts that tell if and when the Religious Education program is cancelled.

Dates to Save
  • November 16 at 5:00 PM - Enrollment mass for both seventh and eighth grade Confirmation candidates
  • November 20 - "Back to School Night" - visit your student's class
  • November 27 - No class - Thanksgiving break
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