November 2019 Edition
Guess who is hiding again…
Congrats to the winners who found Chessie in October. For everyone else, the hunt continues in November! Hint: You can only win once.

Chessie the Duck is hanging out in up to ten of your neighborhood’s businesses — and by finding the plush duck (as seen to the right) and bringing him into any Chesapeake Bank branch, you can win a cash prize from $25 up to $500! Visit for official rules.

Bank employees volunteer to build bikes for YMCA program
Most banks took Columbus Day off. We got all of our employees in an auditorium to build bicycles for underserved children. DETAILS
Chesapeake Bank to open new branch in Chesterfield
While other banks are merging or changing their names, we are expanding in the Spring of 2020 to Chesterfield, Virginia. DETAILS
Newest “The Buck Stays Here” Businesses
We're happy to announce that we have a bunch of new local business listings for you to check out:

  • Nov. 9: Habitat for Humanity’s Volunteer Dinner
  • Nov. 9: Ware Academy Annual Gala
  • Nov 16: Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society Oyster Roast

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