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Greg Schleppenbach, Associate Director

October 29, 2019

More good news in battle against assisted suicide
Dear Friends,

I write to share more good news in our battle against doctor-assisted suicide. First, after an intensive process of consultation with physicians and others around the world, the World Medical Association (WMA) announced last weekend that it has reaffirmed its long-standing policy of opposition to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide (PAS). As you may know, this action by the WMA follows similar action last June by the American Medical Association, which also reaffirmed its long-standing opposition to PAS and euthanasia. The medical profession is one of the most influential voices in the PAS debate so having such strong statements against PAS by the largest medical associations in the U.S and the world is significant and should be shared widely with legislators and the public.

Second, on Monday, representatives of the three Abrahamic monotheistic religions – Christians, Jews, Muslims – signed a joint declaration in the presence of Pope Francis “categorically” rejecting euthanasia and assisted suicide and pleading for accompaniment of the person. Under the heading “The Rejection of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide” the document says:

“Matters pertaining to the duration and meaning of human life should not be in the domain of health care providers whose responsibility is to provide the best possible cure for disease and maximal care of the sick.

We oppose any form of euthanasia – that is the direct, deliberate and intentional act of taking life – as well as physician assisted suicide – that is the direct, deliberate and intentional support of committing suicide – because they fundamentally contradict the inalienable value of human life, and therefore are inherently and consequentially morally and religiously wrong, and should be forbidden without exceptions.”

Please share this great news widely!
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