August 2019
Letter from the Executive Director
We're reminded many times throughout the day about what divides us. Whether we read about it in a newspaper, see it on TV or scroll though it on social media, tensions between groups are highlighted. It's hard to avoid. And with so much emphasis on differences between people come stereotypes that lead to errors, miscommunication and lies. It's not unlike the game of telephone we all played as kids when the first person whispered a statement into the ear of the person next to him/her and it was buzzed down the row. The last person says the purported statement out loud, and invariably, it's quite different than what the first person whispered.

Perpetuating stereotypes is common. I mean we can all agree that those with forbearers from the Addled Mountains are easily confused; immigrants from the Fusion Islands only cook with spices from South Asia and Scandinavia; and everyone knows that orange-skinned folks smell like carrots. Silly, right? But they're no more ridiculous than common stereotypes that are bandied about daily and unfortunately mistaken for facts.

It's easy to fall down the rabbit hole. And we're imperfect in so many ways. Rising above the stereotype is hard, even though very little separates us as human beings. We will rise above all that on the Z Hotel Rooftop when we announce QEDC's fall programs at our annual Summer Networking event, Once Upon a Time in...Queens, on Thursday, Aug. 29, at 6 pm. We'll offer details on the 2020 StartUP! Business Plan Competition, the Entrepreneurial Assistance Center, MWBE certification assistance, and our new Ready, Set, Go! seminars for those considering starting a business.

QEDC's networking events are unique. First of all they're free! (There's a cash bar, but we provide all the salty snacks your heart may desire.) Secondly, the Z roof offers magnificent views. Finally, we're proud to host guests who represent the diversity that is Queens.

Everyone is welcome...except stereotypes.


Seth Bornstein
Executive Director
News You Can Use

Help A Brother Out:  QEDC prides itself on being a family. Staffers, clients, instructors, and supporters are part of the family. When one needs help, we rely on each other. Vlad Harkovski has been part of our Entrepreneur Space family since 2013. He makes Hungry Bars that are sold around NYC, especially at LaGuardia Airport through our MiQ program. Vlad has been fighting kidney disease for six years. His kidneys have failed, and he is on dialysis. He needs to find a living donor. Click here for more info.

A Great Return:  For the eighth year, the USTA has donated a kiosk to the Queens Tourism Council for the U.S. Open, which runs from Aug. 26 to Sept. 8. Volunteers will give away guidebooks, swag, and info on dining and hospitality.  
Cornell University President Martha E. Pollack, CUNY Chancellor Félix M. Matos Rodríguez, and Queens College Interim President William Tramontano discuss technology at the next Queens College Business Breakfast Form on Sept 25

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