More In Studio Classes | Ashtanga Beginner Series | Light Body Activation
We are happy to announce that a couple of your favorite classes are returning to the studio starting this week:

  • Gentle Yoga: with Carolyn at 5:30 on Tuesday's

  • Yin Deep + Yang Flow: with Erin at 10 am on Thursday's

☀️ Our in house classes are limited to 5 students and preregistration is required for all of our classes.

☀️ Please make sure to bring your own yoga mat and props to class.

☀️Of course, if you feel sick in any way, please make sure to stay home and take care of yourself.

☀️ Our LIVE virtual classes are still going strong so make sure to check our schedule each week for both In Studio and Virtual offerings.

☀️Last but not least, take good care of yourself, breathe deeply and be well.
NEW!! Ashtanga 6 Weeks Beginners Series
Clarify the mind, increase energy, strengthen the body, burn some calories and lose weight.

If you have been curious about the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, but didn't know where to start, please join us for this 6 week beginner course, meeting on Sunday's at 2 pm, OCT 4- NOV 8.
Ashtanga yoga is a traditional style of yoga as taught by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This practice is designed to strengthen, purify and tone not just your physical body but also your mind. Ashtanga is traditionally practiced early in the morning to focus the mind and energize the body for the day ahead.
This course will go over the postures of the Ashtanga Primary Series, as well as the theory behind this powerful daily practice.
By the end of the course, students will be prepared for a deeply personal daily practice. Over time, the consistency of practice builds the tapas (or inner fire) of transformation.
The course is taught by Christina Mills. She received her yoga teacher certification from YogaWorks and is a student of Todd Roderick, KPJAYI Authorized teacher and student of Pattabhi Jois.
COST: $99

*There is only space for 5 students.
A couple of weeks ago, Cindy received a clear message to help people specifically with activating their light bodies one on one.

What’s the purpose?
▫️To help purge any part of your past keeping you stuck.
▫️To give insight about where you come from and the energy that you hold.
▫️Clearing & activating DNA and light codes.

  • It's a single session, unless you feel called to do more than one. In essence it's an energy session that will help activate your DNA and light codes to assist you in the cultivation of your awareness.

  • This service is not listed on the website, but instead is a calling out or a shout out for those who need to hear it. It will stick and resonate for those who need it.. or it won’t.

  • The sessions are 35- 40 minutes and the exchange: $99

We are not meant to go through our initiations, healing and awakening alone, so if this is speaking to you, click below to book a Sacred Alchemy: {Light Body Activation} session. For questions, please email Cindy at
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