Dear Friends - and there are so many of you,
We are excited to announce we have a buyer for the Hugging Bear. Our new owners will use the Inn as their private residence and they will continue to keep the place filled with energy and love.

We will therefore be closing the Inn as of August 30, 2020.

This grand old home has had quite a history and we have been glad to be part of it. We are so grateful to all of you who have joined us over the years.  
So many friends, so many bears; the travelers with small bears riding in backpacks, a Hell's Angel with his bear on his motorcycle, the long-distance truck driver and his bear who stopped regularly, the cross-country bicyclists with bears peeking out of panniers, the bears who came with their own suitcases, and so many more.  

Since the Hugging Bear Inn will close on August 30, 2020, we regret that we will have to cancel all reservations made for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. We hope you will still make your way to Vermont for the fall foliage season pending Covid travel restrictions. Call if you need help finding other lodging.

Last hurrah!
We are still accepting reservations through August 30, 2020, so give us call and we'll set you up. 802 875-2412.

Into the future, you can stay in touch with us through our email

And for now... 802 875-2412
Having an inn with a teddy bear theme has made for some unique and heartfelt interactions over the years. We don't think there are many inns out there that have quite the stories and anecdotes this place does and it is most likely because our theme was wrapped up in these furry companions. Most people found the Hugging Bear theme endearing, many found it comforting, some found it quirky - but whatever one's feeling it did create a place where children felt instantly at home, where adults could revisit childhood, where every person and their bear felt deeply welcome. Exploring the shop, especially when Georgie had every nook and cranny stuffed to the gills, was an adventure in itself. We truly don't think there was another shop quite like it in the entire country. We are proud to say that many bears have launched from Chester, Vermont over the years. Over the course of four decades, we have received postcards and pictures from these bears on their adventures and world travels. They often came back to celebrate weddings, birthdays, reunions, engagements, proposals, love - or to buy a new set of bear clothes. And they have brought their people with them to do the same.
We hope all of you will still consider coming to visit Chester in the years to come despite the closing of the Hugging Bear. It is a wonderful little town and good place to hang out. Thanks to all of you and thanks to the bears - who continue to be an endearing symbol of love and connection.
Hugging Bear Inn & Shoppe, 244 Main St, Chester, VT 05143