March 7, 2017   
Healthier Air Today, Protecting our Climate Future
As a member of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board (BAAQMD), I'm proud to announce that our agencies have provided funding to enable AC Transit to nearly double its hydrogen fuel cell electric bus fleet from 13 to 23.

Replacing polluting diesel buses with these clean non polluting fuel cell electric buses manufactured in the United States will help improve air quality in the East Bay, especially in those communities where these buses travel. The only thing these buses emit is water vapor. They're also much quieter than conventional diesel buses.
The life cycle costs (purchase price plus costs of maintenance and fuel) of electric buses are now competitive with older diesel buses.
Most of the funding for these new buses comes from California's cap and trade revenues collected from the state's largest emitters of greenhouse gases.
The investment in these clean buses is part of California's long term plan to reduce pollution and improve public health by electrifying our transportation sector using both electricity and hydrogen. CARB is considering updates to its Advanced Clean Transit Regulations to require operation of all zero emission non polluting buses by 2040.
There are now five zero emission bus manufacturing plants in California, producing new jobs and contributing to our State's economy.
California is not alone in increasing the number of electric buses in our public transit systems. Over 100,000 new electric buses are coming on line each year in China!   
Fighting Climate Change doesn't just save our planet from a warming atmosphere, it helps us today by making our air cleaner and healthier, saving us money and making our economy stronger. 
John Gioia
Supervisor, District One 
Contra Costa County 
11780 San Pablo Avenue, Suite D 
El Cerrito, CA  94530 
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