December 6, 2017

The Preliminary Report on the Implementation and Effectiveness of the Adult Education Block Grant Program now is available on the AEBG website, via the What's New box on the homepage and the Reports  page.

To ensure that AEBG funding accelerates adults into employment, living wages and full engagement in society, AEBG state legislation requires that the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction submit two reports to the Legislature as provided in Section 9795 of the Government Code. This is the preliminary report, with the final report due March 1, 2018, and it addresses the key requirements of the legislation, the evolution of California's adult education system and recommendations. A special report, "Measuring our Success," was submitted to the state legislature in August. 


A reminder that member budgets for the program year are due in the new NOVA financial system by Dec. 15. Budget will include 16/17 carryover, as well as 17/18 new funds. It would be helpful to review the Q&A from the Nov. 29 webinar about NOVA, or you can access the archived webinar (scroll to the bottom of the page for the webinar archive).

For a preview of all of next year's deliverables, click here.
Additional resources to help you navigate NOVA:  
If you have questions regarding the new system or need assistance, please reach out by submitting your question to the AEBG Office and AEBG Technical Assistance Project (TAP)  using this form .


AEBG Third Annual Summit proposals are now closed.  Presenters are being notified of presentation acceptance and the schedule is being finalized. 

Registration for the third annual AEBG Summit has begun. Consortium leads were emailed unique PINs to distribute to their members for registration. Members will have until 5 p.m. Dec. 20 to register. It is mandatory that each consortium send at least one representative. It is up to each consortium to distribute the PINS to consortia members. 

If a consortium does not use all of its assigned PINS, please contact [email protected]. TAP will redistribute unused PINS to other consortia, presenters or staff.  A first-come, first-served wait list will be created for those consortia in need of additional registration PINs. Consortium leads are asked to "return" unused PINs. Unused PINS will be put back into a pool for redistribution to those on the waitlist. AEBG TAP will assign unused PINs those on the waitlist. The cutoff for waitlisted members to register is 5 p.m. Jan. 5.

Please reserve your hotel room, if needed, using the AEBG Summit registration site

Friday (12/8) Webinar: AEBG Pre-Apprenticeship

Time: 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. 

Description:  Join Neil Kelly and the California Apprenticeship TAP Team (Josh Modlin and Tim Aldinger) to learn about apprenticeship programs in California. The webinar will address the following questions: How does AEBG pre-apprenticeship connect or link with existing apprenticeship training programs? What should be the standards of your AEBG pre-apprenticeship program? Who is doing this well in the field? How can we expand pathways into apprenticeship training programs to include AEBG students? 

Dec. 13 Webinar: Digital Badges

Visit the AEBG Webinars page for participant details and other information.

Regional profiles for each consortium now are available on the Educate & Elevate California website, providing site visitors with information about AEBG's 71 consortia and the diverse regions of the state they serve. 

Any requests for changes to your consortium's profile should be emailed to Michelle Jimenez at [email protected]

You can now access services, by program area, for each consortium and each member within a consortium through the AEBG Services Directory, which is accessible below and via the AEBG homepage. This is a great collaboration tool in that it allows you to easily see which other consortia or members offer similar services and can also be shared with prospective students who want to know more about programs offered within their community. Check it out!