Opportunities for the Works of Mercy coming soon
St. Emily and St. Thomas Becket Parishes
November 26, 2018
Moving closer to Christmas - Works of Mercy

Thank you to all who have journaled recently. I really enjoyed reading your entries.

If you have not started journaling about the Works of Mercy,
there is no reason to delay!  We met a few months ago - and you should have already started.

Please remember to mark your year as Confirmation 2020, the year in which you will be confirmed.

You can find ideas on these lists for things to do in your everyday life.
Here are some organized group events for you to take part in:
Besides these special events,  look for other opportunities to help in your family, your school and your neighborhood . Also,  the spiritual works of mercy   are just things that might happen in the course of a day. 

If you have any other questions,  please contact Cathy Crino.
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