Happy Chanukah!
Light Your Menorah Candles & Take a Moment:
8 Ways You Can Join the Masorti Movement
Building an #InclusiveIsrael 
Dear Friends,
We're just about half-way through Chanukah. We hope all the kids in your life (big and little!) are enjoying this beautiful holiday.

We want share two more ways to reflect on Masorti's mission and values as you celebrate and light candles on the fifth and sixth nights.

Chanukah Sameach,
Gideon Aronoff
Executive Director
Challenge #5
The realities of the Israeli political system result in officials not being accountable to govern on behalf of all Israelis, based on the Zionist ethos of equality, compassion and justice for all. 
The Masorti Answer

   Masorti’s Jewish Pluralism Watch continuously monitors Israeli elected officials’ statements and votes on matters of religion and state in Israel and, educates the public to demand accountability.
Challenge #6
Most Orthodox synagogues in Israel only offer prayer services, without providing Jewish educational and cultural programs that thousands of Israelis are seeking in order to gain a greater understanding of Judaism and better appreciate how it can bring greater meaning and spirituality into their lives. 
The Masorti Answer

Masorti kehillot are much more than just places of prayer. In addition to lectures and study for adults, Masorti’s NOAM youth groups and its Ramah/NOAM summer camp is connecting thousands of young Israelis to Jewish life in a deep and meaningful way. Many of today’s Masorti leaders are graduates of NOAM and Ramah/NOAM .