Mission Accomplished: Six monkeys now call Jungle Friends home!
The Amazing Give was almost two months ago, and we are pleased to share an update on what YOU made happen! Because of you, six monkeys have arrived at their forever home at Jungle Friends! They now join over 300 lucky monkey residents who live an "Almost Wild" life.

Meet The Monkeys You Helped Bring To Jungle Friends!

Mission Accomplished: Two monkeys arrive from a research lab

Two monkeys arrived at the end of April from an anonymous university's research laboratory. Clotho and Atropos now call Jungle Friends home.  Clotho and Atropos both spent 12 years at a research facility. When Clotho and Atropos arrived,  they were introduced to their new habitat....

And they loved it! They began to romp around at once! Now, they get to do "monkey things" -- dig in the ground, chase after squirrels passing by to steal a peanut, and feel the grass under their feet, and the sun on their faces. 

This mission was accomplished because of YOU!
Atropos loves to climb on her monkey bars! She is having a great time in the great outdoors!
Clotho is named after one of the Three Fates in Greek mythology - the other two Fates - Atropos and Lachesis.
Mission Accomplished: Three monkeys come to Jungle Friends from a breeding facility.

After living their lives in small cages at a horrific breeding "facility", Biggie, Smalls, Tupac, and a surprise baby (read about the baby here ) are now safe at last. Biggie will no longer endure the mental pain of having baby after baby ripped from her body to be placed in a human home. And everyone will be free to be monkeys at last in their "Almost Wild" habitats.

They will now spend the rest of their lives with their baby, with relative freedom to chose what they do -- enjoy the natural outdoors, or cuddle inside.

This mission was accomplished because of YOU!
Tupac with the new baby on his back. Can you see the baby's eyes?
Biggie will never have another baby ripped from her body again!
Smalls is enjoying his new habitat and is helping with caring for the new baby!
Draven is a very sweet, shy boy who loves popcorn and zucchini!
Mission Accomplished: A Miracle Monkey arrives from Las Vegas 

Last, but not least, meet Draven. I am sure that many people have read about his journey to Jungle Friends or have seen Draven updates on social media. 

Draven was very ill when he arrived with undiagnosed diabetes, and had a very large self-inflicted wound on his arm. O ur carestaff is determined that Draven will heal, so they are currently watching him 24/7, with staff rotating in four hour shifts. 

This mission was accomplished because of YOU!
Did you miss The Amazing Give? You can still help our newest arrivals by becoming their monkey sponsor or donating today! 
Thank you once again for your unwavering support and for being a part of the vital work that happens each day at Jungle Friends!

Director of Development

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