Halloween is approaching and these times certainly seem pretty scary. Sometimes I want to lock 2020 into a chest and throw the key away. Happily, I keep a little balanced by kind notes of encouragement from our supporters. A recent email from Simon Blattner described us as "exciting, interesting, and wildly busy as usual." He added: "Keep it going!" and that we are.
Our staff continues to meet the challenges of how to serve our teens under trying circumstances. We now consider how to deliver programming in three different formats: in-person, virtual, and hybrid. We know our teens need us, and we want to help them however we can. More on programming follows. We miss seeing each other every day and are fortunate to have outdoor space where we can meet six feet apart once a week - providing we have good air quality.
To add some levity, encourage us to get out of our cars, and keep fit, Adrian created a TSS bike to use for errands around town. Look for us and watch out for us - especially me since I'm bicycle challenged!
You will soon receive an important email from us as we prepare for our end-of-the-year campaign. Your support is so critical to our success, and we look forward to you joining us on our exciting teens first journey.

In Kindness,


It is wonderful to have a limited number of teens back at Teen Services in the program described below but those are not the only new faces.

Welcome to the teen staff of BGCSV!

Eric Gonzales, Director of Teen Programs at BGCSV, and Yessenia Tellez, BGCSV College and Career Counselor, have moved their offices and services to our Teen Center which allows them to work with our staff for an energetic and authentic sharing of ideas and solutions.
A new assistant manager at OB!

We are delighted to welcome Cian Lacy as Assistant Manager at Operation Bicycle. Cian was born in Santa Rosa but has lived in Sonoma for much of his life. He graduated from Sonoma Valley High School in 2016 and is currently pursuing a major in philosophy at Santa Rosa Junior College. He has been an active member of the community - working every summer as a camp counselor and teaching performing arts skills to kids 15 and under.
Cian has always wanted to be a part of a nonprofit organization and is thrilled to help people with whatever they need. Once he receives his bachelor's degree, he hopes to travel the world helping others by joining the Peace Corps. Until then, Adrian could not be happier.

Success comes when creative minds gather, look at the situation, add some flexibility, and come up with a game plan. That is exactly what has happened at Teen Services represented by the new teen program logo above. By using technology, outdoor spaces, and joint BGC/TSS staff expertise, we now offer an amazing menu of teen options - all COVID compliant and mission-focused.
Our Distance Learning for Teens takes place 8:30-4:30 Mon-Fri** and now includes a hot lunch prepared by Chef Paloma on Fridays. Each afternoon offers the opportunity for teens to learn new skills, stay connected, and have fun. Mondays has a college focus with virtual campus tours and college-readiness programs. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are all about giving back to the community. On Tuesdays, teens join Chef Paloma to cook for homeless clients of Sonoma Overnight Support and the Keystone Leadership Club meets on Wednesdays. Thursday activities rotate between virtual cooking classes with Paloma, bike mechanics (both virtual and in person), and arts & crafts. Visit the Teen Activities page for the full schedule and additional details.
** A quick clarification: BGCSV also has an extensive distance learning program for K-8 students at multiple locations in the Valley. That program receives funding from the school district and other sources. Our joint teen version operates separately and does not have school district funding.

Special Delivery - Gossett style

Every week, Teen Services can expect a special visit and a smile from Bob Gossett. With COVID restrictions in place, students have been unable to tend the gardens at Flowery, Altimira, and Sassarini schools, so Bob stepped in. He has been maintaining them and reaping the harvest to share with nonprofits in the Valley. We are one of the lucky ones!

Bob shows up 2-3 times each week with a basket full of amazing produce for Chef Paloma who then creates a delicious and nutritional meal for the homeless clients of Sonoma Overnight Support. Thank you, Bob! We are so grateful to you and the smiles that you bring to others.
Community support for TSS
We are so grateful to:
  • Glen Ellen/Kenwood Rotary Club for their donation of $2,000 to help cover some of the expenses for our distance learning program for teens.
  • Jack London Yacht Club for their grant of $1,734 to purchase culinary equipment for Lovin' Oven.
  • Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley for their grant of $1,500 to REPLACE OUR ANCIENT washer/dryer.
  • State Compensation Insurance Fund for a grant of $10,000 for equipment and supplies necessary to follow all COVID safety protocols
Amazing Tree of Possibilities Video
If you have not yet seen the Tree of Possibilities outside Operation Bicycle, this mini-documentary will surely get you over there. Produced by Russell Johnson, this video tells the story of this inspiring project - the players, the collaboration, the efforts, the funders, and the final product. The Tree was created by a metal sculptor, Martin Munson and a team of Sonoma Valley students who stamped words of their hopes and dreams on the aluminum leaves and utensils hanging from its branches. We are excited to share  this video with you featured on the Sebastiani Theatre website. Thank you, Roger Rhoten!
Holiday Pies
So sorry, but no holiday pies this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, but stay tuned - there will be an opportunity to volunteer to decorate Holiday Cookies in December!

Jenna Charton
Julie Ford
Barry Gant
Bob Gossett
William Johnson
Jere Starks
Judith Walsh

Glen Ellen Kenwood Rotary
Jack London Yacht Club
State Compensation Insurance Fund
Sonoma Valley Rotary
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