25+ years serving the South Dallas/Fair Park neighborhood!
SouthFair's 2nd Annual Bowl & Brew 2017

Our 2nd Annual Bowl & Brew is next month, August 24th. We still have some team slots available. If you don't have a full team no worries. We can add you to a team. Whether you are a great bowler or haven't bowled since junior high we welcome all skill levels. Just come out and have a good time celebrating with SouthFair! 
Last year's bowling fundraiser

What is this bowling event?
SouthFair's now annual fundraising event. We recruit captains to form six person teams that raise money for SouthFair and at the end enjoy an evening of bowling, food, comradery and fun!
How will we use the money?
For post-purchase counseling services that will provide  the tools and resources in order to successfully help homeowners build assets and for college internships for promoting and growing future community development leaders. Homeownership! Affordable Housing! Community Revitalization!
How it works?
Team captains contact us at  info@southfaircdc.org  to reserve a team slot and to register their team.

Set a fundraising goal. Minimum fundraising goal $750 per team. There are 6 people on a team so each person will raise at least $125. Of course aim high as you want! Recruit persons to join your team, co-workers, family, and friends.

Ask your employer, your insurance agent, stylist or any other business to sponsor you in your efforts to support SouthFair.

All fundraising monies will be due by August 17th. Team captains will receive additional information after registration.

What about sponsorships?
Did we already mention that we welcome sponsors? Well we do! We would greatly appreciate your support. Send over a group of employees to participate or you can solely donate your dollars.
What you get?
Bowling! lane rental & shoes  ~  T-shirt  ~  Brews! over 40 on tap!  ~  Dinner! come hungry!   ~  Prizes!   
When and where are we bowling?
Thursday August 24, 2017 from 6:00p- 8:30p at the
Bowlounge located at 167 Turtle Creek Blvd, Dallas 75207 

Ending The Summer With Additional Homes

The townhomes and additional single family houses will be completed this summer. Adding more rooftops!

North Texas Giving Day 9.14.17

SouthFair is once again participating in North Texas Giving Day. Its an opportunity for anyone and everyone to have their donations matched to support their favorite organizations like SouthFair.  Click here to see our profile and please donate$25 or more on September 14th!
As always, thanks to our Board of Directors who donate their time and other resources! To learn more about SouthFair's board please visit our website.

Marian Williams, Chair            Harry Robinson, Jr., 1st Vice Chair
Roy Andy, 2nd Vice Chair        Zaincorie Taylor-Smith, Treasurer
Lakisha Stark, Secretary        

Azu Agada | Troy Alley III | Jamey Kirby | Michael Krywucki | Marilynn Mayse | Derrick Nutall | Ruth O'Quinn Eric Stark

Advisory Board: Hoshi Brooks | Lasharla Richardson
Staff Attends Post Purchase Training

Mary Ann and Kiyana both attended the five day NeighborWorks Dallas placed based training this month. Once they past the test they will receive certificates in post purchase counseling. Gaining more knowledge to share with homebuyers! 

Donate $25 or more for 25+ Years

Even though our 25th birthday was last year you can still donate. With your help we can continue to do what we do best, revitalize the neighborhood in which we serve by:
  • building very much needed developments such as affordable housing,
  • providing homebuyer counseling that helps families improve not only their credit but their sense of financial responsibility,
  • improving the quality of life for our seniors, and
  • allowing for our small staff to stay afloat to address the concerns of the community.
Please feel free to drop by our office to provide a donation ,use the pledge form to mail in a donation or donate online. All donors will receive a receipt and a letter of acknowledgment.
"Businesses, like babies and books, need nurturing, time, energy, love, planning and, yes, money to develop, grow and prosper."  
- Rachael Bermingham

Staff Member Spotlight: K'Azia Allen

SouthFair has proudly participated in the Mayor's Summer Intern Fellows Program for six years now. K'Azia is SouthFair's 6th high school intern. She resides in South Dallas and will be a senior at Skyline High School. Here is a little more about K'Azia.
Where born: City, State-
Shreveport, Louisiana 

Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food -

Family -
Shawonna Allen (34, Mother), Jeremiah (15, brother), Jaylan (12, brother), Ahmelia (10, sister)

Famous person you would most like to meet-
Jensen Ackles 

Words that describe  you best -
Quiet and Optimistic 

In  your spare time you . . . -
Binge watch "Greys Anatomy" or "Supernatural" on Netflix

If you've  learned one thing in life, it is . . . -
Be true, be you, be simply the best!

What are your  hopes/desires for  SouthFair  and the South Dallas community?
My hopes for SouthFair is that it will expand into many other places outside of South Dallas and engage with other communities. 

SouthFair CDC| info@southfaircdc.org| 214.421.1363| www.soutfaircdc.org

Annie Evans~Executive Director | Ester Perry~Executive Assistant | Lois Lilly~Housing Assistant | Mary Ann Cuellar~Housing Counselor Kiyana Duplantier~Community Development Intern | Alfred "Dale" Glaspie~Maintenance Technician
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