March 2020
Greetings Mudita Community!
Moving in the best of circumstances is challenging. Moving in the midst of a pandemic brings the challenge to a new level, deepens the process. 

Moving yourself is challenging. Moving an entire community brings an intensity I often feel unprepared for, to small for. 

Moving on a whole can be incredibly joyous, exciting, everything fresh, a new beginning. 

I find myself straddling each of those places daily - making decisions about where we are now, planning our new location, crying and in a ball in one moment, upright and joyous in the next. The moments have been challenging to navigate. There is much to consider with each decision I am making. Many of the decisions are heart breaking for me.

Please know I am reflecting on the whole – you, Mudita staff, your families, our larger community, our future Mudita family, even your pets!!! I am continuing to work diligently to keep the space safe and welcoming for those that need to be there. We have limited the use of props, are cleaning what is used daily, and of course staying within the guidelines of small gatherings.

As we prepare to say goodbye to our old space and move to our new, we have a very sparse schedule, modified to the bare bones – on most days one offering, a few days two. Heart breaking.

Miraculously, those classes are being offered both live and virtual. We now have a microphone and once we figure out how to use it, not only will you see us virtually but you should be able to hear us! My hope is that the combination of these two offerings serves the whole. That brings me joy!

For those of you supporting me as I make each heart-breaking decision, I am so very grateful. Truly. Thank you.

I know this will come a surprise to you(!!!), but in all of these moments the words of David Whyte come to mind:

Your heart is going to break anyway,
why not be doing something that brings you alive as it breaks.

The truth is everything about Mudita brings me joy. Teaching you, sharing my passion, watching you grow, brings me alive again and again. 

My heart is breaking daily.
Joy is arising in that space.
Every day.
And yes, we are moving in the middle of all of it!!
The vision of Mudita has always been an invitation to you to come as you are, find your way home, and experience JOY!

That foundation has created a vibrant, open hearted, accepting community. 

Our world needs you now more than ever! 

Thank you for coming as you are, putting your mat down with us,
experiencing your essence, being joy. 
I am confident that will grow and thrive at our new location.

Yes, my heart is breaking that our opening day at our new location may just be me!!! 

Rest assured I will be there setting intention for our community, for each of you!

When you are ready to be there with me, the foundation will be solid,
the ground fertile.

That knowing fills the space of my broken heart with joy .
New offerings for leaving
I have made the decision to cancel the Sound Bath and closing ritual for the studio.

My heart is broken to leave the space without the ceremony I envisioned.

The brokenness is being filled with a new offering for closure.
Join me Saturday, March 28 for a virtual

Ritual of completion

We will log on together at 12:30 pm

I will offer a collective blessing, set intention for our time together.

You may share your gratitude, a story, poetry, say goodbye in your own way. We will pass the virtual talking stick around until we feel complete with our process.

We will end with
a prayer of thanks,
a resounding OM
a deep bow.

Saturday, March 28
12:30 - 1:00 pm

Please let me know you will join by signing up here - Saying Goodbye Virtually!
Yes, my heart is breaking,
and in the same moment so full of JOY for all we have experienced in our space.
I wanted to compile a gratitude journal to take with us to our new space. We will do that virtually too!

Whether you have been with us from the beginning, came by as a visitor, or are new to us, we would love to receive a video from you. Create a message of your feelings about Mudita, a special memory, or thought about what it means to be you be a part of the Be JOY Community! A message of Gratitude!

Please send the video to by Tuesday, March 31.
New offering of JOY
My heart is breaking
that I will not be able to honor spring with my usual offerings.

That space is now filled with a new online course:

HOPE in uncertainty

This is a potent time, ripe for meaningful connection with our self. The way we have known the world, participated in the world, is being stripped away so that we can realize, in a profound way, who we are at our core. Our foundation is being shaken (literally) to allow us to bring to a close that which is not working, the patterns we cling to which keep us small. We are being called to create a foundation built on trust in ourselves, in our own inner knowing and wisdom.   
This four-week series will include conversation, meditation, pranayama, contemplation  to discover our own HOPE and create a foundation that is unshakable, unwavering, steadfast in holding us in the moments of our life!

We will start this week - on the New Moon, an auspicious time to begin! 

Tuesday & Thursday
6 – 7 pm
Beginning March 24
Sign up today for a special discounted rate -
$120 for the entire course!  

Course includes: all online sessions, Wednesday night Restore class, journal prompts, weekly assignments.
And now for the toilet paper! 

This was left on my doorstep!

In all the heart break there is so much JOY!

My heart is filled to the brim with it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you
tp angel!
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