March 2020
Greetings Mudita Community!
Aaahh! Big Sigh! Here we are. In the middle of an experience that is in most moments frightening, overwhelming and a bit blurry.  I am listening, reading, absorbing, taking it all in to my heart. As well, every day I am looking for the JOY!

Some yoga teachers are stepping away from their public classes, studios are suspending their schedules, over all our immediate community is feeling the effects of this outbreak. I have given this much thought and consideration. I am making the choice to keep Mudita open. This message from a student is one of the things that informed that decision: 

I just wanted you to know that today's Restore class was just what I needed. In a world full of crazyness, anxiety and fear it felt so warm and loving to come to my mat in the studio and feel safe and feel love. Thank you Carrie for being there.

I do know that we can all practice at home – please do! I also know that there is a unique power that can arise within a community class setting. For me it provides a deeper release of fears, a greater relief of burdens, and brings me to a more powerful level of inspiration. A bit of magic happens! 

As of today, we will be open with an modified schedule, offering one or two classes a day. I will be assessing the situation daily, so please check our online schedule for current, updated information. 

I am rescheduling the Sound Bath for March 28
I am hoping this will give more people an opportunity to attend. 
It will be our last event at this location!

I encourage you to take this time to care for you. Stay in if that serves you. Come to class if you are healthy and well. We will be there to support you either way – in person, in spirit. 
Aaahh! Big Sigh! In the midst of all of it we are moving, expanding. This has brought a new level of stress, fear and overwhelm to my life.  I am looking for the JOY every day! 

Moving in the midst of a pandemic is not what I would have planned. My faith muscle is being asked to expand. What I can plan is too small for me. What I can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough. I am in it with my whole heart! 

I believe this moment is creating a new expanded strength within Mudita. A recalibration, a breaking free of old patterns. Our foundation is being built on resiliency, courage, unwavering vision. We will be stronger, enduring, empowered because of it. 

Our new space is coming along beautifully. It is big, spacious, open and designed with your JOY in mind. The construction has been messy - dust, plaster, sheet rock, insulation. It feels in disarray. In those moments it has been hard to imagine what it will be like completed. Much the same as the virus – how will this turn out, what will come of this? As we move through this a day at a time, a breath at a time, I invite you to feel, see and know the JOY that is coming, in our new space and beyond. 

I have been beholden to an April 1 opening date. This weekend I felt a surrender around when to open. I may need a moment to transition! For now, what I can tell you is this: 

We will be open on a day filled with JOY between April 1 and April 4!!! 
In an effort to help you
see JOY every day,
feel JOY in the midst of trepidation,

I offer here this upcoming event. 

Something to look forward to, to lead us toward the possibility of health and well being for all, to keep the
JOY in our hearts alive.   
Every day JOY in celebration
Beginning with a

Sound Bath Meditation

we will let the powerful alchemy of sound bring us
home in our own heart

Saturday, March 28
4:00 - 5:00 pm
The sound will cultivate deep relaxation as the guided meditation invites in a place of rest, relaxation and self-inquiry. The combination is transforming - a place to let the sound heal and enliven you, a place to let go and rest in your own being.
This powerful practice will give us a potent place to let the heaviness of the moment settle into the ground. There, to welcome Spring!

A gentle experience for the mind and body,
your whole being will thank you!

$25 drop-in

Space will be limited to 10 people !!!

Stay for our

Ritual of completion

Commencing with a collective blessing we will prepare to say goodbye, caio, farewell, adieu, in your own way.

I will have incense and sage, a gratitude journal and pens, affirmation card and stones.

You are welcome to bring an offering, on object, something that represents your time within these walls.
Bringing our circle to a close, we will  set intentions for the new space
invite in all you want to open, all you want to receive,
the many ways you are ready to grow!  

All of it an invitation of
Ritual, Renewal, Rebirth

Saturday, March 28
5:00 - 5:30 pm

Aaahh! Big Sigh! 

Now about the toilet paper!

I am down to one roll at my home!

If you know of where to get it, along with disinfectant spray - please point me in that direction!
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