More vs. Enough
Philippians 4:6
Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins

God, many of us have tried to substitute peace with things, ideas, and people that leave us feeling empty. Rather than look within for the peace that You give us; discontentment and anxiety overwhelm us, and we feel imprisoned. Lord, teach us to let go of feelings of anxiety, and embrace faith as our focus. 

Thank You for Your word which invites us to meditate on that which is true, noble, lovely and of good report. With the help of Your Spirit, we practice praise and cultivate a posture that will produce peace. We choose to remember all that You’ve done for us to create stores of memory that limit the impact of anxiety. Lord, show us how to pivot so that we can cultivate a proper perspective. We choose optimism over pessimism so that we might find hope in seasons of uncertainty.

God, we focus on You so that Your presence will be the priority in our lives. Thank You for lovingly steering our hearts and minds away from anxiety and in the direction of peace.
In the name of Jesus we pray, amen. 

For our newest sermon series, "Juggle the Struggle: Thriving in the Age of Anxiety," we wanted to find a new way to creatively keep each week sermon before you. Below is a ‘graphic recording’ of the sermon (that was drawn in real time); consider this your visual road map.

Our hope is that it helps you better understand and retain each sermon. We not only hope that this visual keeps it before you, but also hope that you might share it with others: share these on social media; give them to a friend who is struggling but resistant to church; print them out and keep them in your Bible. Look for a new one, each week!
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