With the county reaching a new milestone(moving to the Red Tier) in the COVID-19 pandemic, various City facilities can re-open under specific conditions and more in-person programs can resume. Read on for details!

Playgrounds Open
Under the new State guidelines announced this week, the City of Concord re-opened 19 playgrounds on Thursday, Oct. 1 after completing inspections and installation of signage indicating usage rules. Caregivers are responsible for protecting their children and themselves while using playgrounds. Rules include: 
  • Wear a Mask
  • Maintain Distance
  • No Food or Drink
  • Wash Hands (Remember to bring sanitizer to the playground)
  • Know When to Stay Home (If ill or if particularly vulnerable to COVID)
  • Share Our Space (Wait your turn, let others have a turn)
The City is asking all playground visitors to “Stay safe and play safe.”

In-person activities
More in-person classes and activities for youth and adults are slowly returning. See the segment below for in-person classes. Many of our in-person classes will take place outdoors, but some meet indoors, depending on the type of class and feasibility of social distancing.