Volume 164 | March 23 - 27, 2020
City Creates "MoVal Meals" to
Supplement Food for Seniors, Disabled Persons

Seniors age 60+ and disabled residents now have some help supplementing their food supplies with the launch of a new City service called  "MoVal Meals."  The free service, which provides both pick-up and delivery options, offers a week's supply of mostly staples, such as beans, rice, or pasta and more. Offerings will likely change slightly from week to week.

"People are struggling right now due to the coronavirus crisis, and especially those who are older or disabled," explained Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez, Mayor of Moreno Valley. "I want to make sure those who may be homebound, or just have the toughest time fending for themselves, can get what they need."

A typical "care package" may contain c anned goods, beverages, hygiene products, rice and beans

Supplies will be available for drive-thru pick-up at the City's Conference & Recreation Center (CRC) at Alessandro Blvd. and Frederick St. Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. the day after participants register upon City confirmation.

Participants must register either by phone at 951-413-3749 or email at  MoValMeals@MoVal.org . Find more information at  www.movalmeals.org .

"Keep Children Safe"
A Special Message from the Mayor
Take all the fear and anxiety we adults are feeling due to the coronavirus crisis and imagine you're a child, because they're feeling it, too, and are much less prepared to deal with it. Mayor Gutierrez addresses the issue in a brief public service announcement .
Coronavirus Community Resource Guide Provides a Wealth of Updated Information to Help You Weather the Storm
We have created a special coronavirus page on the City’s website at www.moval.org/coronavirus . It links to a wealth of useful information, including the City's Coronavirus Community Resource Guide . You can also find all City news releases and video and audio files related to coronavirus.

Please don’t believe rumors you may hear or read on social media. It’s vital that we keep calm, educate ourselves and keep doing what we know works: Stay home, practice social distancing and wash hands regularly and thoroughly.