Volume 170 | May 4 - 8, 2020
Mayor Gutierrez Hosts Live Coronavirus Q&A
In case you missed it live, Mayor Gutierrez's live hour-long coronavirus question-and-answer session via Zoom is archived on the City's YouTube, where you can watch at your leisure. The Mayor gave an informational overview of the state and local coronavirus situation as of May 6, including a review of the actions taken by the City since the start of the crisis. Then he answered about 20 questions submitted by participants.
Moreno Valley City Parks Partially Re-opened
Proceeding with caution, the City is reopening some parts of its system of parks for public use effective Friday, May 8 , on the condition that residents maintain physical distance and wear face coverings where required.

The partial reopening applies to open spaces and trails, courts for non-contact sports only, such as tennis and pickleball, the Equestrian Center, Hound Town Dog Park and Cottonwood Golf Center.  Skate parks are not being reopened at this time , and all parking lots at parks -- with the exception of the Equestrian Center and Hound Town -- will remain closed to discourage groups from gathering.

In keeping with Governor Newsom's executive orders , activities that create contact with individuals, fixed objects or shared items, such as picnic tables, barbecues and playgrounds and play structures; activities involving groups; adult or children's team sports; spectator sports; or other similar public or private events and gatherings remain prohibited.

"We believe we can safely do this if everyone commits to using common sense and abiding by a shared sense of community responsibility," explained Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez, Mayor of Moreno Valley. "Our park rangers will continue to monitor park activities, but really this is about being able to trust each other to do the right thing."

MoVal's M to Stand for "Mothers" This Sunday
Moreno Valley's iconic M on Box Springs Mountain will be lighted this Sunday evening in pink to recognize Mothers Day.
"Mothers are our first caregivers, our first teachers and our first protectors," said Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez, Mayor of Moreno Valley. "Lighting the M is a small token of the love and respect our community has for our mothers."
The M on Box Springs Mountain is lighted almost nightly for various holidays and special recognitions. A calendar explaining why the M is lighted a particular color is on the City website at www.moval.org/mschedule .

MoVal Police, Fire, City Officials Bring
Mothers Day Cheer to Seniors
MoVal Police and Fire deployed some vehicles for a very important assignment today: to bring early Mothers Day best wishes to residents of Renaissance Village senior living facility. Because of the stay-at-home order, they've had to do without visitors, so officers and firefighters, Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez and Mayor Pro Tem Victoria Baca decided to let them know via a parade of sorts that the community wishes all the residents -- and especially the mothers -- the very best on this Mothers Day weekend.
Work Moves Forward on Heacock
Walking and Biking Improvements
Funded by a grant from the Riverside County Transportation Commission, work is moving forward on pedestrian and biking improvements along a 700-foot stretch of Heacock St. south of Gregory Lane. The design phase, now underway, includes new sidewalk, curb, gutter, ADA access ramps, driveway approaches, pavement work, and a bike lane.