Volume 222 | May 3 - 7, 2021
Virtual Fun for the Whole Family
In this month’s edition of Mayor’s Minute, Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez highlights MoVal Virtual Play, a fun and educational section of the City’s website where children and families can engage in virtual activities. Created by the Moreno Valley Parks & Community Services Department, MoVal Virtual Play includes hundreds of online classes and activities for kids who may have become a bit more computer savvy during at-home instruction.

For more information about MoVal Virtual Play, please visit www.moval.org/virtualplay.
Fireworks, They're Just Not Worth It
Do you want to help the City stop illegal fireworks?

The City has created a Fireworks Task Force to crack down on illegal fireworks throughout Moreno Valley. Fireworks enforcement is the top non-emergency priority for Moreno Valley Police. Fireworks are dangerous and carry a steep penalty of up to $3,500 for violators.

Recent news reports have only underscored the danger illegal fireworks pose to the community. They can cause injury or death, trigger neighbors with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), lead to lost or injured pets, and are fire hazards.

They’re just not worth it!

Report illegal fireworks online at www.moval.org/fireworks or call 951.247.8700.

If you want to include fireworks as part of your Independence Day celebration, join your community at Moreno Valley’s annual Fourth of July Parade and Family Fun Fest, which will feature an amazing fireworks show that is safe and legal.
Help Keep Moreno Valley Clean
Like all prosperous communities, neatness and cleanliness are a top priority in Moreno Valley. That’s why the City’s Maintenance and Operations Division (M&O) is hard at work cleaning up illegal dump sites along our roads. Just this month, the M&O division has cleaned up almost 200 illegal dump sites.
Every cleanup takes vital time away from the M&O Division's mission to maintain public infrastructure and repave MoVal roads.

There are a variety of easy and free ways residents can help. Bulky items like a sofa, refrigerator, or even a computer can be taken away by calling Waste Management to schedule a pickup. Moreno Valley residents have four pickups per month—that’s one per week! The City and County also host regular household hazardous waste and e-waste drop-off events, which are totally free and easy to access.
To find out more about what resources you can use to help keep MoVal clean, visit www.moval.org/cleanup
Last Call to Volunteer to Beautify MoVal
This is the final call for residents and community stakeholders to join us this Saturday, May 8, for the Inaugural Beautify MoVal Community Day of Service. Though pre-registration is closed online, you may sign up on the day of the event at 8:00 a.m. at Moreno Valley City Hall, located at 14177 Frederick Street.

For more information about Beautify MoVal or the Community Day of Service, please visit www.moval.org/beautify.
Pet of the Week: Dave
Our Pet of the Week is Dave. He is a mild-mannered Terrier Mix that just turned one. It may take a moment for Dave to warm up to you, but once he does you won't find a more loyal companion. Dave is looking for a loving home with a compassionate family.
If you would like to make Dave or any pet from the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter part of your family, please contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790 or visit www.moval.org/pets.