Volume 230 | June 28 - July 2, 2021
Mayor's Minute July: A Place to Be Together
It's been said that "government should be a place where people can come together, and no one is left behind." As Moreno Valley's local government, Mayor Gutierrez, and the City Council have come together to create a place where the community can be together. The City's new Civic Center Amphitheater is the ideal place for residents to gather in celebration.

In the July edition of Mayor's Minute, Moreno Valley Mayor Dr. Yxstian Gutierrez will highlight the City's premiere outdoor venue.
Join the Mayor and City Council for the
Annual 4th of July Parade & FunFest
The Moreno Valley Fourth of July Parade and FunFest is just around the corner!

Join Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez and the City Council for a day full of patriotic fun. The parade will take place at 9:30 a.m. and travel north on Frederick Street from Alessandro Boulevard and west on Towngate Boulevard.

Be sure to stop on by the FunFest happening at the brand new Civic Center Amphitheater starting at 2 p.m. Enjoy a beer garden, food vendors, live music, a FunZone for kids as well as a world-class fireworks show beginning at 9 p.m. Entry is FREE from 2 to 4 p.m. and tickets are just $3 after 4 p.m.
Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals
For weeks, Moreno Valley At Work has reported on the dangers of fireworks. As the 4th of July nears, the City of Moreno Valley hopes your family has a fun and safe 4th of July holiday.

If you want to include fireworks in your celebration, join us for the 4th of July FunFest at the Civic Center Amphitheater at the Moreno Valley Fun Fest. There will be plenty of food, fireworks, and fun!

To report illegal fireworks, visit www.moval.org/fireworks or call 951.247.8700.

And remember, leave the fireworks to the professionals!
A Visit to Eucalyptus Avenue Trail
Eucalyptus is widely know for its health benefits. Well, the same can be said for the Eucalyptus Avenue Trail. Covering over three miles, hiking the Eucalyptus Avenue Trail is a great way to exercise and maintain health. The Eucalyptus Avenue Trail begins east of the Moreno Valley Auto Mall runs alongside Eucalyptus Avenue ending at World Logistics Center Parkway. Dust off those hiking boots and make the Eucalyptus Avenue Trail part of your exercise routine! Learn more online about Moreno Valley's amazing trail system today!
Pet of the Week: Brent
Our Pet of the Week is a three-year-old Terrier/Schnauzer named Brent. A ball of energy with a great personality, Brent is an enthusiastic dog with lots of love to give. Brent has a big heart and would love nothing more than start his new life in his forever home. 
If you would like to make Brent or any pet from the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter part of your family, please contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790 or visit www.moval.org/pets.