Volume 251 | November 22 - November 26, 2021
Moreno Valley Police Officers Bust
Three for Illegal Dumping
Moreno Valley continues to enforce its illegal dumping laws. Illegal dumping is a crime in Moreno Valley, punishable by an up to $1,000 fine and potential arrest.

Just before 8 a.m. on Friday, November 19, Moreno Valley Police officers investigated a U-Haul with Arizona plates for illegally dumping trash in a field near the intersection of Ironwood Avenue and Moreno Beach Drive. Two men and a woman were cited under 6.02.075(A) of the Moreno Valley City Ordinance, which prohibits illegal dumping throughout the City, and the trash was cleaned up.

Not only is illegal dumping a crime, it is also a health risk that harms our community. If you see someone dumping trash where it doesn't belong, do not hesitate to call the Moreno Valley Police Department at 951.247.8700.
Report Trash, Weeds, and Encampments
Directly to Caltrans
Have you noticed trash, weeds, or encampments by Moreno Valley freeways? You can report it directly to Caltrans.

Caltrans' online reporting system offers residents the opportunity to report trash, graffiti, and encampments in Caltrans' rights-of-way. All you have to do is visit the site and submit a Customer Service Request by indicating the time, date, location, and type of situation. Caltrans will log the request and send you an email acknowledging the request, as well as information on when it will be worked on and when it will be completed.

This reporting system is another step we can all take to ensure Moreno Valley stays beautiful.
Exchange Your Old Bulbs for Brand New
LED Lights at MVU
The holiday season is here, and Moreno Valley Utility (MVU) is offering residents an opportunity to exchange their old holiday bulbs for brand new, energy-efficient LED lights.

The new LED lights are free to MVU customers. Simply bring your old lights to the MVU lobby at 14331 Frederick Street, Suite 2, and exchange them for up to two strands of the new LED lights.

Proof of Moreno Valley residency is required, and the exchange program will take place on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last.
Watch this Time Lapse Footage of the Moreno Beach Drive Bridge Project
The Moreno Beach Drive Bridge Project continues to move forward. In the meantime, check out this live time-lapse footage of the project.

The bridge is the largest public works project in Moreno Valley history. It will replace the old two-lane bridge with a new seven-lane bridge, complete with enhanced safety measures, easier access to and from the freeway, traffic mitigation measures, pavement replacement, and underground storm drain facilities.

The project has an anticipated completion date of 2023. See the progress being made for yourself!
Pet of the Week: Chandler
Our Pet of the Week is Chandler, an incredibly sweet one-year old Maltese Mix. As you can see, Chandler cannot wait to meet you and make friends with everyone. All Chandler really wants is someone he can love, and for someone to love him just as much.

If you would like to make Chandler or any pet from the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter part of your family, please contact the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter at 951.413.3790 or visit moval.org/pets.