Volume 112 | March 25- 29, 2019
City Wins Award of Excellence from the
California Park & Recreation Society
The City of Moreno Valley received an Award of Excellence from the California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS) for its "May The Fork Be with You Food Truck Festival" marketing and print publications. Mayor Yxstian Gutierrez accepted this honor on behalf of the City at the California Parks & Recreation Society Conference and Expo on March 22, 2019. 

"May The Fork Be with You" was an exciting and unique Star Wars themed food truck festival. The event featured numerous food trucks, a Star Wars costume contest, Star Wars trivia, a make your own light saber station, and a live concert. The event concluded with a showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the big screen. This expertly crafted event was developed by the City's Parks and Community Services Department and Moreno Valley's Media and Communications Team.

According to Mayor Gutierrez, “the CPRS awards program is the highest recognition our Parks and Community Services Department can receive, and our award is a credit to the staff, partners and participants that made this event so successful. We are honored to receive this award on behalf of our residents."

CPRS is a membership organization with just over 4,000 members representing the 535 local parks and recreation agencies throughout the state. The mission of CPRS is to advance the profession and its members through education, networking, resources, and advocacy. 

California Park & Recreation Society's Awards Program recognizes the outstanding achievements of agencies and individuals in the areas of community improvements and programming, facility design and park planning, marketing and communications, and professional and citizen leadership.

For more information on Moreno Valley's exciting Parks and Community Services events, please visit moval.org/pcs.
Moreno Valley's Fire Prevention Team Helps to
Prevent Wildfires with Hazard Abatement
Moreno Valley has received above normal precipitation, which increases fuel moisture for the near future. At first glance heavy rain seems like a good thing, but can be quite dangerous during the fire season. A heavy precipitation year is typically more hazardous than a dry year. Vegetation grows quickly during the wet season, and when hot summer weather arrives, greenery will rapidly dry out and can become fuel for a fire. These "flashy fuels" often accelerate vegetation fires.

Clearing vegetation is extremely important to help mitigate vegetation overgrowth. Limiting fire risks and protecting the welfare of our residents and first responders is a high priority for the City of Moreno Valley.

The Moreno Valley Fire Prevention Team inspects and enforces the abatement of approximately 1,300 vacant parcels, which can pose a danger to the health and safety of residents and first responders. The primary function of the Hazard Abatement Program is to reduce the risk of fires within the community by pro-actively establishing defensible space and reducing/ removing combustible materials on properties. 

Notices have been sent to landowners detailing the requirements for abatement and informing them of the upcoming inspections that will begin on April 15, 2019. To reduce the risk of wildfires, it is imperative that landowners limit the amount of combustible fuel on their parcels. Any questions regarding the Hazard Abatement Program can be addressed to the Fire Prevention Bureau at 951.413.3381.

For more information, please visit Moreno Valley's Fire Prevention web page.
Building Tomorrow's Leaders, Today in The Think Together Program
The Think Together program at Moreno Elementary is focused on building its Youth Leadership Team. Think Together creates opportunities for students to voice and showcase their aspirations for future careers and interests.

Students participating in Think Together's Youth Leadership Team had the opportunity to create resumes, apply for leadership roles, and mock interview for a job of their choice. Youth Leadership Team members also created business cards to help them visualize their futures careers. Think Together staff has helped to build student's interest in leading within the program with related jobs such as Environmental Managers, Opening Crew, Line Managers, Homework Crew, and Equipment Managers.

The opportunities provided to students in the Think Together program serve to develop the leadership skills necessary for future careers. The City of Moreno Valley continuously encourages students to work towards their goals while being college and career ready.
Moreno Valley Animal Shelter Offers Affordable Rabies Vaccinations
Bring your furry friends to The Moreno Valley Animal Shelter on April 13th from 8:30- 11:30 am for the shelter's Rabies Vaccination Clinic.

Rabies vaccinations will be provided at a discounted rate of $6.00 per pet. Vaccination may be paid in cash or with debit/credit cards.

Moreno Valley Animal Shelter will also have a one-time $10 Microchip promotion during the Low-cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic.

For more information visit the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter's website.