Volume 142 | Oct. 21-25, 2019
"The First Tee":
Kids Learning Golf's Life-Lessons
at Cottonwood Golf Center
Youth-development organization The First Tee believes golf has much more to teach young people than just the game, itself. It offers important character-building life-lessons that will serve them for a lifetime, even if they don't become avid golfers.

The First Tee, under an agreement with the City, this week began offering golf classes for kids and teens ages 5-18 at the City's Cottonwood Golf Center .

Learn more about what The First Tee has to offer in this brief video from the ribbon-cutting event to launch this innovative program!
Celebrate the Day of the Dead
at Annual City Event, Friday, Oct. 25
The City is hosting our community’s annual Day of the Dead Celebration on  Friday, October 25, 6-10 p.m. at the Conference & Recreation Center, located right next to City Hall at 14075 Frederick Street .

This FREE event, in remembrance of loved ones who've gone before us, will feature creative and beautiful Day of the Dead altars, traditional food, cultural entertainment and shopping opportunities.

National Community Planning Month:
Because Great Places Require Great Planning!
October is National Community Planning Month, a time to recognize the vitally important work done by MoVal's professional Planning staff.

Every important City project involves Planning staff, from new roads, open spaces and housing, to small stores and massive commercial and industrial developments. They each need the guiding hand of a planner to help them transform from general concept to specific, detailed reality -- because "Great Places Require Great Planning!"

Picture of the Week:
Time for Tots...and Pumpkins and Goats!
Parks & Community Services Department "Time for Tots" participants (ages 3-5) and their family members enjoyed an exciting trip to Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Farm, where they learned about and interacted with farm animals, played games and explored a real pumpkin patch!

Want your child to be a part of the Time for Tots program? Visit our website to learn more and to register today!
Prepare for Rainy Season NOW,
While it's Warm and Dry
While it may still be roasting hot, it's time to start preparing for the rainy season! And for homeowners with drainage courses flowing through their property , that means clearing out any debris that could clog things up, sending water to the wrong place, resulting in flooding.

The City mails yearly reminders to private property owners with drainage courses, but why not get a jump on things? And we're here to help by answering any questions. Just call the Public Works Land Development Division at 951-413-3120.
Pet of the Week: Miss Molly
Meet Molly . She is an absolute sweetheart. Molly is a Lhasa Apso mix. But she probably doesn't care much at all about her beauty or her ancestors' ancient role as sentinels inside Tibetan monasteries. All she wants is to find a human companion to love and be loved by. Are YOU that human? Then hurry, because Molly is eagerly waiting for you NOW!

Please visit the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter located at 14041 Elsworth St. to inquire about adopting little Miss Molly and other cats and dogs searching for life companions. Animal Services can be reached at 951-413-3790 .