Volume 150 | Dec. 16-20, 2019
City Leaders Offer Holiday Greetings
The holiday season is a time of celebration and tradition for many beliefs and cultures. We welcome them all in Moreno Valley, and together they help create the beautiful mosaic of our community. In recognition of our wonderful diversity, Mayor Gutierrez and the City Council offer their holiday greetings in this brief video.
Don't Wait for Santa to Bring Sandbags!
Rain is coming just in time for Christmas. So if you tend to have flooding problems, don't wait until it starts to get your sandbags. The City offers free sand and bags here:

Empty sandbags and loose sand
  • City Yard Main Office – 15670 Perris Blvd., available M-F, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
  • Fire Station 2 – 24935 Hemlock Ave.
  • Fire Station 48 – 10511 Village Road
  • Fire Station 58 – 28040 Eucalyptus Ave.

Sand and empty sandbags are available at the fire stations listed above any day, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (Fire personnel may not be at the stations at all times due to response activities and sand may not be accessible.)

Empty sandbags only (no sand)
Available any day from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.:
  • Fire Station 6 – 22250 Eucalyptus Ave.
  • Fire Station 65 – 15111 Indian St.
  • Fire Station 91 – 16110 Lasselle St.
  • Fire Station 99 –13400 Morrison St.

Loose sand only (no sandbags)
  • Alessandro Blvd. and Redlands Blvd., at the Post Office property.
  • Available any day, any time.
  • Conference & Recreation Center Overflow Parking Lot
  • located at Veterans Way and Alessandro Blvd. Available any day, any time.  
  • City Yard Visitor Parking Lot located immediately south of the City Yard main building at 15670 Perris Blvd. Available any day, any time.  

Wild Burros are Just That -- Wild --
So Please Keep Your Distance
The wild burros who wander down from the hills into the City's northern neighborhoods are a beloved part of Moreno Valley's community identity. And it's important to remember that these gentle, curious animals are wild, not pets, and we should all keep our distance. Mayor Gutierrez and Councilwoman Carla J. Thornton offer some common-sense burro advice here .
Picture of the Week:
Holiday Tree Brightens City Hall
Next time you're near the Civic Center at Alessandro and Frederick, stop in and see the City's Holiday Tree. It was lighted at a special community event on Dec. 7 and will be up through New Year's Day. Stop by and get a photo!
Pet of the Week: Finn
Meet Finn. He's a gorgeous little Longhair Chihuahua. Finn is only three-years old, but he knows what he likes: human companionship. Just a gentle scratch or a stroke of his beautiful coat will tell him you're ready to be his favorite human. If you're interested, you'd better hurry. The handsome Finn is waiting for you RIGHT NOW.

Please visit the Moreno Valley Animal Shelter located at 14041 Elsworth St. to inquire about adopting sweet little Finn and other cats and dogs searching for life companions. Animal Services can be reached at 951-413-3790 .